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allianz business travel insurance

Business Travel Insurance

allianz business travel insurance

What is business travel insurance? 

If you’re planning a business trip, you should make sure you’re protected in case something doesn’t go to plan. With our business travel insurance policies, you can choose the perfect cover for you. Whether you're travelling once or taking multiple trips, heading to Europe or visiting further afield, our business travel insurance is appropriate for most travellers.

By purchasing travel insurance for your business trip, you can take the unnecessary worry out of travelling, so you can concentrate on the job at hand. Our specialist business travel insurance is designed with professionals in mind. That’s why we include cover for business equipment, alongside medical expenses, loss and cancellation. This way, you can rest assured that should anything unexpected happen, the essentials will be taken care of.

As with our usual policies, you can feel safe in the knowledge that our global team of experts are on hand to provide support and assistance if something goes wrong. With over 13,000 people working across five continents and speaking 58 languages, we’ll be by your side wherever your work takes you.

Below is some more information about our insurance products, for which Terms and Conditions apply. Please visit the policy information hub for full details.

allianz business travel insurance

What does business travel insurance cover? 

With our business travel insurance, you can choose between a Single Trip or Annual policy. We also have two levels of cover: Silver and Gold.

Whichever level of cover you choose, our Single Trip and Annual policies include business equipment cover, so you may not need to take out separate laptop travel insurance. We can even send a replacement business associate to complete your itinerary if you have to cut your journey short.

Business travel insurance can protect you if you need to cancel your trip before you travel, or if you need to curtail your journey. If your departure or your personal belongings are delayed, we can provide some compensation. We’ll even provide legal support to claim compensation for a fatality, or if you fall ill or are injured on your trip.

We also understand that medical cover is important. That’s why our travel insurance for business trips covers emergency medical expenses, personal accident and personal liability cover. You’ll have 24-hour access to a GP consultation service  too.

To help protect you while you’re away, our policies can cover you if you lose your passport, personal money or personal possessions. If you choose our Gold cover, you’ll also be protected against the financial failure of your end-supplier.

To see exactly what our business travel insurance policies include, please visit the  Policy Information Hub . 

The right cover to fit your needs for you and your travels

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Business Silver

Business gold, annual multi-trip silver with business, frequently asked questions.

Whether our Single Trip or Annual business travel insurance is right for you will likely depend on how often you travel.

If you’re only planning on taking one business trip this year, then our Single Trip business travel insurance is the right insurance policy for you. But, if you’re a frequent traveller and you plan on taking multiple trips, our Annual business travel insurance could work out to be a more cost-effective option.

You can work out whether a Single Trip policy or an Annual policy is best suited to your needs by getting a business travel insurance quote online.

If you’re thinking of combining business with pleasure on your trip, while many sports and leisure activities are covered as standard on our Business Travel policies, from 5th May 2021, we will not be able to provide cover while you take part in riskier Category 3 and Category 3 sports and leisure activities like kite surfing and rubgy. This is only a temporary measure while we make improvements to the booking engine of our website. Please keep an eye on the Allianz Assistance website in the future so you are aware when we are able to offer this additional cover again. Policies purchased after 5th May 2021 aren't affected and your cover won't change.

If you’re likely to hit the slopes while you’re away, then we do offer  Winter Sports and Ski as an optional addition to your policy. This will provide you with protection against ski-specific risks such as avalanche closures, delayed or damaged ski equipment and unused ski-pack costs. 

How to ensure you have the right cover

Does your bank or credit card company provide cover.

Many bank accounts and credit cards come with some level of travel insurance cover. While some may be comprehensive, they may not cover you for everything you have planned whilst you’re away, particularly if you have adventurous plans or unusual excursions booked. 

Make sure you look into the travel insurance policy that you have before every trip, to make sure it’s suitable for you and your plans.

Purchasing a holiday using a credit card means you are often protected by Consumer Protection cover. In most cases, it allows you to get your money returned to you if your provider defaults and you cannot travel.

Are you covered by ABTA or ATOL?

If you have booked a holiday through a tour operator or travel agent, it may be worth checking if you are covered by ABTA (Association of British Travel Agents) or ATOL (Air Travel Organiser’s License). This type of cover means that your package holiday is protected if, for example, the travel company providing your holiday arrangements or the travel agent themselves fail financially or close down.

Your travel agents will be able to tell you if your holiday is ABTA or ATOL protected. Alternatively, use the links provided to check your cover at home.

What is an EHIC or GHIC and what can it offer you?

Get peace of mind – whether travelling for work or play – with our additional cover options.

allianz business travel insurance

Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance

allianz business travel insurance

Single Trip Travel Insurance

allianz business travel insurance

Golf Travel Insurance

allianz business travel insurance

Sports & Leisure Insurance

allianz business travel insurance

Travel Insurance for Europe

allianz business travel insurance

Travel Insurance for people with Medical Conditions

Get peace of mind – whether travelling for work or play – with our additional cover options .

allianz business travel insurance

Other products you may like 

allianz business travel insurance

Need help? Call us on: 0371 200 0428

Make a claim, policy documents.

If you have a pre-existing medical condition that we are unable cover under our own policies, you may be able to obtain an alternative travel insurance policy through one of the providers  featured in the MoneyHelper  directory  of specialist travel insurance providers for people with serious medical conditions. Do take time to study and compare the terms and conditions to ensure you have the cover you need. To contact the Money Advice Service for further details of the directory

Call: 0800 138 7777 (lines are open Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm) or Email: [email protected]

allianz business travel insurance

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Allianz Travel Insurance Review: Is it Worth The Cost?

Elina Geller

Many or all of the products featured here are from our partners who compensate us. This influences which products we write about and where and how the product appears on a page. However, this does not influence our evaluations. Our opinions are our own. Here is a list of our partners and here's how we make money .

Table of Contents

What does Allianz Travel Insurance cover?

Allianz single trip plans, allianz annual/multi-trip plans, which allianz travel insurance plan is best for me, can you buy allianz travel insurance online, what isn't covered by allianz travel insurance, is allianz travel insurance worth it.


  • Annual or single-trip policies are available.
  • Multiple types of insurance available.
  • All plans include access to a 24/7 assistance hotline.
  • More expensive than average.
  • Cheapest option doesn't include medical coverage.
  • Rental Car Damage Protector add on is only available for higher-cost plans.

Allianz Travel Insurance is provided by Allianz Global Assistance, an insurer that operates in 35 countries and serves 40 million customers in the U.S. The company offers several types of travel insurance plans depending on your needs.

Travel insurance will help protect you if unexpected events affect your vacation. Whether you’re looking for a comprehensive plan or emergency medical coverage only to supplement the travel insurance you have from your credit cards , Allianz Global Assistance offers plenty of options.

Allianz trip insurance plans fall into two categories: single trip and annual/multi-trip plans. We evaluated several single trip and annual/multi-trip plans to help you figure out which policy makes sense for you.

Depending on what type of coverage you’re looking for, Allianz offers several different travel insurance options. Allianz’s plan choices fall under single trip or annual/multi-trip plans.

Single trip plans are designed for individuals who are leaving their home, visiting another destination (or destinations) and returning home. These travel insurance plans are the most comprehensive and provide benefits like trip cancellation, trip interruption and medical coverage. 

Annual/multi-trip plans are designed for those who like to take a lot of little trips throughout the year as well as for business travelers. Because the coverage period is longer, these plans are more expensive.

Some of these plans include medical coverage only while others also provide more comprehensive travel insurance perks. There’s coverage for business equipment as these plans are geared toward work travelers.

Allianz offers five travel insurance plans for single trips, including a plan that's mainly focused on emergency medical coverage.

The OneTrip Cancellation Plus plan is geared toward domestic travelers who are looking for trip cancellation, interruption and delay coverage but don't need post-departure benefits like emergency medical or baggage loss. This plan is Allianz’s most affordable option.

OneTrip Basic, Prime and Premier are three comprehensive travel insurance plans.

OneTrip Basic is the most economical plan and offers trip cancellation, interruption and delay benefits along with emergency medical and baggage loss.

OneTrip Prime provides all the benefits of the Basic plan but with higher limits, a few extra coverage areas and complimentary coverage for children 17 and under when traveling with a parent or grandparent.

OneTrip Premier offers the most coverage, doubling almost every post-departure limit of the Prime plan with more covered cancellation reasons.

If you don't need pre-departure trip cancellation and interruption protections or you already have coverage through a premium travel credit card , the standalone OneTrip Emergency Medical plan may be a good choice. The plan mainly provides emergency medical protections along with some baggage loss/delay benefits.

» Learn more: Travel medical insurance: Emergency coverage while you travel internationally

Allianz single-trip plan cost

Here's a look at the cost of an Allianz travel insurance policy for a one-week, $1,500 vacation to Croatia in August 2020 taken by a 30-year-old from Texas.

allianz business travel insurance

The OneTrip Premier is the most expensive plan and provides the highest level of protection, especially for emergency medical events.

However, if you’re OK with lower limits on emergency medical, a OneTrip Prime or Basic plan could be a more appropriate choice. These costs represent a range of 3.4%-7.5% of the total cost of the trip, which is in line with typical costs of 4%-8%, according to the U.S. Travel Insurance Association.

» Learn more: How to find the best travel insurance

Allianz offers four different annual/multi-trip plans.

AllTrips Basic is suitable for those who would like emergency medical coverage while abroad but don't need trip cancellation and interruption benefits. The AllTrips Prime, Executive and Premier plans provide an entire year of comprehensive travel insurance benefits.

The Executive and Premier plans offer various levels of trip cancellation and interruption benefits. The Executive plan is specifically designed for business travelers since it offers protection for business equipment.

Allianz annual/multi-trip plans cost

Let's look at an example of an annual Allianz travel insurance plan that starts in July 2020 for a 50-year-old from Illinois.

allianz business travel insurance

Coverage under these plans is offered for trips up to 45 days in length.

The AllTrips Executive plan costs significantly more than the other plans; this is mainly due to higher trip cancellation coverage, emergency medical and business equipment protections. The Executive coverage amount for trip cancellation can be increased beyond what is quoted here, driving that plan's price up to as much as $785.

If you’re not concerned with pre-trip cancellation benefits and don’t need the increased level of medical coverage, the Basic plan is the most affordable option.

For trips longer than 45 days, the AllTrips Premier plan might be a better choice as it offers coverage for up to 90 days. Using the same search parameters but with 90 days of coverage per trip, the cost of the annual plan is $475.

Choosing the right plan for your trip involves understanding what type of coverage you will want while you’re abroad.

If you’re going on a trip and returning home: OneTrip Prime, Basic or Premier are good options to choose from while offering different levels of coverage.

If you’ll be going on multiple and longer trips: the AllTrips Premier plan might be best as it provides insurance benefits for trips up to 90 days in length. The remaining three annual AllTrips plans cover multiple trips, up to 45 days.

If you have a premium travel card (e.g., the Chase Sapphire Reserve® ): These cards often offer some trip cancellation and trip interruption coverage, so you may not need a plan that offers all the same coverage. In this case, getting the OneTrip Medical plan might be enough.

If the coverage provided by your card isn’t adequate, you don’t have credit card coverage or you didn’t pay for your trip with that credit card: In these instances, it's best to choose a comprehensive plan depending on how much coverage you need and for how long. Consider one of the single trip or multi-trip plans.

» Learn more: Your guide to Chase Sapphire Reserve travel insurance

Yes, head over to and choose "Find a Plan" from the menu on the top.

allianz business travel insurance

You will be able to view all plans or see plans categorized by single trip, annual/multi-trip and a rental car add-on option. Once you’ve decided on the plan you want, choose the "Get a Quote" option.

allianz business travel insurance

You will be required to input the relevant trip details before you can see which plans are available to you in your state.

» Learn more: Is travel insurance worth it?

Travel insurance plans have a lot of exclusions that you need to pay attention to so you know exactly what type of coverage you’re getting. Here are some general exclusions you can expect:

High-risk activities: Skydiving, bungee jumping, heli-skiing, and other types of high-risk sporting activities that the insurer deems unsafe.

Intentional acts: Losses sustained from intoxication, drug use, self-harm and criminal activity.

Specifically designated events: Epidemics, natural disasters and war are specifically mentioned in the policy as exclusions.

It's important to note that exclusions may vary based on the policy and where you live, so it's always best to review the fine print to ensure you’re clear about what is and isn’t covered.

Allianz has been offering insurance for more than 25 years. The company is well established and offers numerous single and annual travel insurance policies to fit many different needs.

Allianz travel insurance plans offer a wide array of benefits including (but not limited to): coronavirus-related coverage, trip cancellation, interruption, emergency medical coverage and transportation, baggage loss/damage, baggage delay, travel delay, change fee coverage, loyalty program redeposit fees, 24-hour assistance and many more benefits. Each plan is different, so you’ll want to look at the specific plans you’re considering to know exactly which benefits you’ll receive.

No, Allianz doesn't offer the Cancel For Any Reason optional upgrade. Review the policy details of the Allianz plan you’re considering to ensure you’re comfortable with the list of covered reasons. For example, the loss of a job can be considered a covered reason, but wanting to cancel a trip because you’re afraid to travel isn't.

Most often, you will need to file a claim with the insurer after you’ve incurred costs. If the claim is approved, you will receive a reimbursement. In other instances (e.g., covered baggage delay), the insurer will pay you a fixed amount per day and you won’t need to submit receipts.

Allianz Global Assistance offers several good travel insurance plans to choose from. If you’re looking for a travel insurance plan for a vacation, a single-trip plan is your best bet. 

If you’re a frequent traveler or take lots of business trips, a multi-trip plan could be the way to go. If you have a travel credit card, look at what travel insurance benefits you may already have so you don’t duplicate your coverage .  

How to maximize your rewards

You want a travel credit card that prioritizes what’s important to you. Here are our picks for the best travel credit cards of 2023 , including those best for:

Flexibility, point transfers and a large bonus: Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card

No annual fee: Bank of America® Travel Rewards credit card

Flat-rate travel rewards: Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card

Bonus travel rewards and high-end perks: Chase Sapphire Reserve®

Luxury perks: The Platinum Card® from American Express

Business travelers: Ink Business Preferred® Credit Card

On a similar note...

allianz business travel insurance

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allianz business travel insurance

When the world calls, help your customers answer with confidence.

Looking for a travel insurance plan, get a quote at ..

allianz business travel insurance

Benefits to help travelers explore reassured.

allianz business travel insurance

Expert assistance means travelers are never alone. 

allianz business travel insurance

Industry-leading technology for the future of travel.

allianz business travel insurance

Travel safe. Travel simple. Allianz TravelSmart.

Our free Allianz TravelSmart TM app puts your customers’ travel protection plan at their fingertips, making it easy to check their coverage benefits, connect to our 24/7 assistance, or file a claim on the go.

What makes Allianz TravelSmart even smarter? We’ve loaded it with safety features to help customers explore more securely, including timely alerts about events that may impact their travels, a locator for nearby emergency assistance, medical translations, and more.

“I cannot even begin to tell you how wonderful my experience was with Allianz!! I had a terrible ski accident in France and every single Allianz person was unbelievably helpful. I now recommend Allianz to everyone I know and I will NEVER travel overseas without it. I am so very grateful for all the support I received.”

- Lindsay T., MN, 2021

“So often when you buy warranty or insurance it’s hard to actually get it to do what it’s supposed to do, but Allianz worked as it should. The cost for travel insurance is so negligible that it’s a no brainer to add to your trip.” 

- Kyle Y., GA, 2021

“When I filed my claim your company made the process very easy. And you did not try to avoid your contract responsibilities like many other insurance companies with whom I have had to work with. I have recommended you to all of my travel friends.” 

– Scott H., IL, 2021

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Allianz Travel Insurance Review 2023

Ashley Kilroy

Fact Checked

Updated: Jun 28, 2023, 3:49am

Allianz has a robust selection of travel insurance plans for all types of trips, travelers and budgets. Vacationers with a sports-related itinerary should take a look at the perks in Allianz’s OneTrip Premier Plan, including coverage for canceled sporting events and sports equipment. But travelers looking for high levels of travel medical insurance should check other options.

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  • $1 million in coverage for emergency medical evacuation is available with the OneTrip Premier plan.
  • Offers a “cancel anytime” benefit that allows you to cancel up to departure time for almost any unexpected reason and receive 80% reimbursement of insured trip costs.
  • Offers convenient annual plans for travelers who plan on multiple trips during the year.
  • Concierge service included with some plans.
  • Cancellation coverage available for work-related cancellation, if you fear work will affect your vacation.
  • Allianz’s top plan, the OneTrip Premier, offers $75,000 for travel medical expenses. Some top competitors provide $500,000.
  • Quotes for travel insurance with “cancel for any reason” coverage are not available online, you have to go through a travel agent.

Allianz Travel Insurance

Table of Contents

  • Featured Partners

What Does Allianz Travel Insurance Cover?

Allianz single-trip travel insurance plans, allianz multi-trip travel insurance plans, allianz multi-trip travel insurance plans, allianz travel insurance cost, which allianz travel insurance plan is best for me, optional add-ons for allianz travel insurance, does allianz travel insurance have 24/7 travel assistance, what’s not covered by allianz travel insurance, how to file an allianz travel insurance claim, allianz travel insurance faqs, compare & buy travel insurance.

You can find comprehensive travel insurance plans from Allianz that offer many benefits, including trip cancellation, trip interruption, trip delay, baggage delay and loss and coverage for medical expenses, among others.

Travel insurance is a way to protect your trip investment because it provides important pre- and post-departure benefits that can compensate you when the unexpected happens. That means you can recoup some of your money if you have to cancel a trip or return home early due to a problem covered by your policy.

Travel medical insurance pays for medical expenses if you get sick or injured during your trip, which is especially important for international travelers who likely can’t rely on their U.S. health plans abroad.

Allianz travel insurance plans are broken down into two main categories:

  • Single-trip travel insurance plans
  • Multi-trip and annual travel insurance plans

We highlighted key benefits of Allianz travel insurance plans to help you identify which is the best fit for you.

More on Allianz Single-Trip Travel Insurance Plans

Allianz OneTrip Basic Plan This is Allianz’s most budget-friendly comprehensive travel insurance plan. It provides core benefits including trip cancellation, trip delay and trip interruption insurance at low limits for those who may not have a lot of pricey nonrefundable trip costs.

Allianz OneTrip Prime Plan This policy is similar to the OneTrip Basic plan, except it has higher coverage limits and a few more bells and whistles. For example, you’ll get access to Allianz concierge services to assist with travel needs such as booking restaurant reservations.

Plus, you get free coverage for one child under age 17 traveling with you. Additionally, you can choose to get a flat payment of $100 per day under travel delay insurance benefits, and you won’t be required to provide receipts.

Allianz OneTrip Premier Plan This plan includes many of the coverage types as the OneTrip Prime plan, but you’ll get higher limits for most coverage types.

In addition, you’ll get optional coverage types, including ones that can appeal to the more adventurous traveler:

  • SmartBenefits. You can opt to get a fixed inconvenience fee of $100 per person per day if your trip is delayed for a problem covered by your policy. You won’t need any receipts, just proof of delay.
  • Sports Traveler. If you miss a sporting event due to a problem covered by your policy, this covers prepaid sporting fees up to the maximum amount specified in the plan.
  • Sporting equipment loss. This pays to replace or repair your sporting equipment for problems covered by the policy.
  • Sporting equipment rental. This reimburses you up to $1,000 if you have to rent replacement sporting equipment in case your equipment is lost, stolen, delayed or damaged.
  • Vehicle return. This pays to have your personal, leased or borrowed vehicle returned to your primary address if you are unable to drive due to a problem covered by the policy.
  • Adventure & Sports Exclusion Change. This waives the coverage exclusion for certain activities such as caving, repelling, spelunking, bungee jumping and diving at depths greater than 30 feet for free diving and 100 feet for scuba diving. This coverage is automatically included in your policy.
  • OneTrip Rental Car Protector. This add-on provides primary collision coverage for a rental car.

Allianz OneTrip Emergency Medical Plan This plan pairs travel medical expense insurance along with post-departure benefits such as travel delay, baggage delay and lost baggage. It is designed for those who haven’t paid much in non-refundable deposits.

Allianz OneTrip Cancellation Plus Plan This travel plan is designed for domestic travelers on a budget who need trip cancellation travel insurance , and interruption and delay coverage but who don’t need medical insurance and don’t want baggage coverage.

Allianz OneTrip Rental Car Protector Plan This plan is designed for folks who want coverage for rental cars during their trip. It provides the following benefits:

  • $50,000 collision damage waiver, which covers costs or your rental if it’s stolen or damaged in an accident covered by the policy or while it’s parked
  • Up to $1,000 trip interruption coverage
  • Up to $1,000 baggage loss or damage coverage
  • 24-hour hotline assistance

Multi-trip and annual travel insurance plans are good for travelers who take multiple trips per year. These types of policies are often cheaper and easier than buying individual travel insurance policies for each trip.

Here’s a look at Allianz’s multi-trip plans.

More on Allianz Multi-Trip Travel Insurance Plans

Allianz AllTrips Basic Plan This plan gives you year-long protection for trips that are less than 45 days in length.

Allianz AllTrips Prime Plan This plan includes the coverage types you’ll find in the AllTrips Basic plan, plus pre- and post-departure benefits such as trip cancellation and baggage insurance .

Allianz AllTrips Premier Plan This plan is similar to the AllTrips Prime plan but with higher coverage limits and more options to choose from. It covers trips that are less than 90 days, rather than 45.

Allianz AllTrips Executive Plan This plan is designed for folks who travel for business. Your trip must be 45 days or less. It includes the same coverage as the AllTrips Prime plan but also provides some extras for business travelers on the go. These include:

  • $500 change fee (to change the dates on your airline tickets).
  • $500 loyalty program redeposit fee coverage (reimburses you for fees charged for redepositing loyalty programs awards, such as frequent flier miles)
  • $1,000 business equipment coverage (pays to repair or replace damaged business equipment if it is damaged due to a problem covered by your policy)
  • $1,000 business equipment rental coverage (pays rental fees if your business equipment is damaged due to a problem covered by your policy)

The price of an Allianz travel insurance plan depends on factors such as the cost of your trip, your age and the amount of coverage you choose. Generally, the average cost of travel insurance is 5% to 6% of your trip cost, based on Forbes Advisor’s analysis of travel insurance rates.

Here are some price examples of the OneTrip Prime plan.

Which Allianz travel insurance plan that suits you best will depend on if you’re taking one trip or many and how much coverage you want.

If You’re Going on One Trip and Coming Home

The OneTrip Basic, Prime and Premier plans are all solid choices for individual trips. If you’re on a budget, the Basic and Prime policies might be a good fit.

Consider the Premier plan if higher medical expense limits are important to you, or you are going to be doing lots of adventure and sports activities.

If you’re worried you may have to cancel your trip for reasons not listed in the policy, think about getting the Prime or Premier plan and add the “cancel anytime” upgrade.

For those who aren’t concerned about cancellation or interruption coverage and have few prepaid expenses, the Emergency Medical plan is worth checking out.

If You’re Going on Multiple Trips or For Business

The AllTrips Premier plan may be a good fit for travelers who are taking multiple trips and want the maximum trip time coverage from Allianz. It provides coverage for trips of less than 90 days instead of 45 as the other multiple trip policies do.

If you don’t want trip cancellation and trip interruption insurance but want medical expense coverage while outside the U.S., the AllTrips Basic policy is a good bet. The AllTrips Prime, Premier and Executive plans are solid choices for those wanting coverage for a year for multiple trips. Business travelers should consider the Executive plan since it provides business equipment coverage.

  • OneTrip Rental Car Protector. This add-on can protect your rental car if it’s damaged. It also provides coverage for trip interruption and damaged baggage.
  • Required to Work. This add-on protects your trip if you must cancel due to a work-related emergency.

Allianz travel insurance plans come with 24/7 travel assistance , which can help you with a variety of issues, including:

  • Finding local medical and legal professionals
  • Arranging emergency medical transportation
  • Rebooking a flight or accommodations
  • Providing pre-trip information
  • Assistance with missed connections
  • Help if your documents are stolen or lost while traveling, such as your passport

Allianz customer service also includes concierge assistance in many of its travel insurance plan benefits.

While travel insurance plans cover a wide variety of problems, every policy has exclusions. Here are examples of exclusions in the Allianz OneTrip Prime Plan.

  • High-risk activities such as skydiving, hang gliding and bungee jumping
  • Traveling for the purpose of getting medical treatment (medical tourism)
  • Non-emergency medical care or treatment
  • Alcohol or substance abuse
  • Injuries that are intentionally inflicted, suicide or attempted suicide
  • Mental or emotional disorders
  • Acts of war or civil unrest

If you need to file a claim, you can do so via email, fax, mail or the Allianz app. You can also file a claim with Allianz online . You will need your email address, policy number and supporting documentation.

You can check Allianz’s website for what you’ll need for supporting documentation , depending on what type of claim you’re filing. For example, to file a baggage delay claim you’ll need proof of delay and receipts for any necessary items you purchased while your baggage was delayed.

Compare & Buy Travel Insurance For 2023

Compare Quotes With Over 22 Travel Insurers

Do I need Allianz travel insurance if I have travel credit card rewards?

You might if you want the most protection for your trip. Many travel credit cards provide travel insurance benefits, but they’re not always as comprehensive as what you get when you buy a separate travel insurance policy. Read your travel credit card benefits to assess your trip protection coverage and determine if it’s sufficient.

Does Allianz offer “cancel for any reason” coverage?

Yes, Allianz offers “cancel for any reason” travel insurance (CFAR), which gives you the flexibility to cancel your trip no matter the reason and get partial reimbursement, even if you just want to stay home to watch HBO.

Allianz sells CFAR but not online. You must contact your travel insurance agent to discuss options. Allianz’s “Cancel Anytime” includes similar coverage. The “Cancel Anytime” upgrade will reimburse you 100% of your non-refundable trip deposits if you cancel for a reason covered by your policy and up to 80% of your non-refundable trip deposits if you cancel for almost any other reason.

You’ll have to purchase Cancel Anytime within the first 14 days of your first trip deposit. To file a Cancel Anytime claim, you can cancel your trip at any time but you are required to notify your travel suppliers of your cancellation within 72 hours of canceling your trip.

Does Allianz cover pre-existing medical conditions?

You need a pre-existing medical condition exclusion waiver to have pre-existing conditions covered.

Allianz travel insurance plans generally exclude coverage for pre-existing medical conditions unless you get its pre-existing medical exclusion condition waiver. You can get this waiver for most policies by purchasing your Allianz plan within 14 days of your first trip payment or deposit. That means you don’t want to wait to buy travel insurance and lose this coverage. For this waiver you also must insure the full cost of your trip and must have been medically able to travel when you bought the policy.

Allianz defines a pre-existing medical condition as “an injury, illness, or medical condition that, within the 120 days prior to and including the purchase date” of the policy that caused you to seek medical diagnosis or care, or that caused you to take new prescribed medicine. (Read your policy for more details.)

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Egencia reviews

Egencia reviews

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What Business Travel Insurance Is And Why To Get It

Travel insurance — what it is and why you should consider getting it.

Business Travel Insurance Policy

Business travelers are well acquainted with all the things that could go wrong on a business trip. Flight cancellations. Lost luggage. Weather delays. Whether it's domestic or international travel, it's good to be prepared for some level of inconvenience along the way. But for business travelers, any travel delay can mean a missed sales opportunity or a disappointed customer. It’s not just an inconvenience — there can be serious business ramifications.

The responsibility for mitigating the impacts of these risks on the business falls on the travel manager. Every flight cancellation or rescheduled itinerary potentially costs your company money in non-refundable tickets or extra change fees. This responsibility extends beyond keeping an eye on expenses. The travel manager’s job is to ensure the wellbeing of travelers, especially when traveling internationally.

Business travel insurance is one way to mitigate the financial impacts of the unexpected and provide peace of mind for you and your travelers. It eases the stress of dealing with unexpected travel changes and protects you from certain financial risks and losses that can occur. This goes beyond flight cancellations and baggage delays. Let’s say you have a medical condition and your doctor advises you cancel your trip. Without travel insurance, any non-refundable fees that you’ve already paid would be lost.

That’s why Egencia has partnered with Allianz Global Assistance to provide air travel insurance — and peace of mind — to travelers who book their business trips through our platform.

Why you need a travel insurance plan

Every traveler has encountered cancellations and baggage delays at some point. A single trip can be compromised if there are multiple layovers with international travel. But there are many other risks that can impact business travel.

  • Flight delays and last-minute cancellations cause you to miss important meetings.
  • Severe weather shuts down travel routes, preventing you from arriving at your destination on time.
  • An injury or other medical condition forces you to cancel or reschedule a planned trip.
  • Serious illness while traveling could involve emergency medical evacuation or even a last-minute change to your trip to get you out of the country.
  • Checked luggage containing important business equipment, presentation materials or personal items like credit cards doesn’t arrive on time or gets stolen.

We live in a dynamic, unpredictable world. It’s not a question of if it’s going to happen, but when it will happen. Business travel insurance can reimburse you for non-refundable money spent on air travel or hotels. It can also reimburse the costs of emergency medical treatments when your people are on the road. The key is to make sure you have the right kind of travel insurance plan.

How, when and where to get travel insurance

You don’t want to wait too long to purchase travel insurance. The best time to buy is when you book your business trip.

When you book business travel through Egencia, you're given the option to purchase business travel insurance provided by Allianz Global Assistance. Allianz Global Assistance is an Egencia Advantage Partner and provides travel insurance plans that protect travelers within the U.S. with up to 28 covered reasons for trip cancellation. Allianz also provides coverage in 15 countries in EMEA. Their assistance team is ready to help travelers on the road find help while traveling 24/7, any day of the year. Some of the items covered include:

  • Trip cancellation
  • Trip interruption
  • 24/7 travel and emergency assistance
  • Travel and baggage delay

With these options available right in the booking tool, Egencia integrates travel insurance protection along with the other details of an itinerary. For travel program management purposes, all information is in one portal.

Beyond travel insurance

There are other programs that can also provide some reimbursement protection when travel insurance isn’t requested or available. For instance, travelers in the EU who book their itinerary through Egencia can use AirHelp to aid with cancellations or delayed EU flights. While it’s not an insurance policy, AirHelp is a program that allows you to recoup some air travel expenses when disruption happens.

Egencia can help you find all the resources you need to manage a successful travel program.

Terms, conditions, and exclusions apply. Insurance benefits underwritten by BCS Insurance Company (OH, Administrative Office: 2 Mid America Plaza, Suite 200, Oakbrook Terrace, IL 60181), rated “A-” (Excellent) by A.M. Best Co., under BCS Form No. 52.201 series or 52.401 series, or Jefferson Insurance Company (NY, Administrative Office: 9950 Mayland Drive, Richmond, VA 23233), rated “A+” (Superior) by A.M. Best Co., under Jefferson Form No. 101 -C series or 101-P series, depending on your state of residence and plan chosen. Plans only available to U.S. residents and may not be available in all jurisdictions. Allianz Global Assistance and Allianz Travel Insurance are marks of AGA Service Company dba Allianz Global Assistance or its affiliates. Allianz Travel Insurance products are distributed by Allianz Global Assistance, the licensed producer and administrator of these plans and an affiliate of Jefferson Insurance Company. The insured shall not receive any special benefit or advantage due to the affiliation between AGA Service Company and Jefferson Insurance Company. Plans include insurance benefits and assistance services. Any Non-Insurance Assistance services purchased are provided through AGA Service Company. Except as expressly provided under your plan, you are responsible for charges you incur from third parties. Contact AGA Service Company at 800-284-8300 or 9950 Mayland Drive, Richmond, VA 23233 or [email protected] .

Looking for better business travel solutions? Get in touch with us.

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Allianz Travel Insurance Review (2023)

Learn about Allianz travel insurance to find out if it’s right for you. We compare the cost, customer reviews and policy options offered by Allianz.

allianz business travel insurance

Nicole Leigh West is an experienced lifestyle journalist and writer for publications including Wanderlust, TripSavvy and Vacations & Travel. Along with roaming the globe and penning fiction novels, Nicole works for World Words as a sub-editor and writer.

Travel insurance plans work by reimbursing you for prepaid costs incurred via trip cancellation or interruption. Insurance benefits also include medical coverage in the event of travel accidents and health emergencies, along with medical evacuation.

We at the MarketWatch Guides Team have analyzed the best travel insurance companies to help you choose the right trip insurance. Allianz travel insurance, from Allianz Global Assistance, offers popular insurance products, and it’s our pick for business travelers. Learn more about its cost, coverage and customer reviews in our guide.

Compare Allianz to the Competition

Does allianz offer 24/7 travel assistance.

  • Customer Reviews

How To File a Claim with Allianz

The bottom line on allianz.

  • Methodology

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Allianz Travel Insurance Overview

Allianz Global Assistance offers a wide variety of plans for comprehensive travel insurance. The established company is popular among business travelers due to its AllTrips Executive travel insurance policy. A special feature of the plan is coverage for lost, stolen or damaged business equipment and additional coverage for rental cars.

Frequent travelers appreciate concierge services to assist with travel plans, along with a 24-hour hotline for emergencies. Allianz also offers annual plans, multi-trip plans and single-trip plans. Policies such as OneTrip Basic provide affordable options for basic travel insurance coverage.

Overall, Allianz travel insurance plans earned 4.4 out of 5 based on our review standards.

Allianz Travel Insurance Pros and Cons

Allianz coverage.

Allianz offers basic travel insurance with its OneTrip Basic plan and the coverage compares favorably to other providers. It’s marketed as a plan to fit your budget with essentials covered to offer peace of mind. Here are the insurance coverage limits offered by the Allianz OneTrip Basic plan:

  • $10,000 of trip cancellation costs
  • $10,000 of trip interruption costs
  • $10,000 for emergency medical
  • $500 for emergency dental expenses
  • $50,000 emergency medical transportation
  • $500 baggage damage/loss
  • $200 baggage delay
  • $300 travel delay

Allianz travel insurance coverage extends to other policies to suit a wide variety of travelers looking for a basic plan.

  • OneTrip Emergency Medical : This affordable plan doesn’t include trip cancellation or trip interruption benefits. However, it offers emergency medical coverage up to $50,000 and travel accident coverage up to $10,000, among other benefits.
  • AllTrips Basic : A more comprehensive plan that provides year-long protection for one low rate. It includes travel delay coverage of up to $600 and emergency medical coverage up to $20,000, along with baggage coverage of up to $1,200.

Optional Riders

Add-ons, also known as insurance riders, are travel insurance options you can add to a policy to increase your coverage. Allianz offers optional trip protection designed to safeguard you from financial losses regarding specific risks or activities.

  • Hazardous Sports Travel Insurance: This add-on covers costs associated with certain activities, including deep sea fishing, skateboarding and wall climbing. Other benefits include trip cancellation coverage for ski vacations up to $500 and reimbursement up to $300 for damaged, lost or stolen ski equipment.
  • Terrorism Extension Cover: Covers loss, damage or injury in the event of an act of terrorism to you as an innocent bystander, of up to $100,000.
  • Cancel Anytime: Available with premium policies such as OneTrip Premier, this optional upgrade of cancel for any reason (CFAR) coverage reimburses 80% of non-refundable costs if you cancel your trip for reasons your standard plan may not cover.
  • OneTrip Rental Car Protector: This rental insurance product provides coverage for rental car damage with collision, loss and damage up to $50,000. It also includes 24-hour emergency assistance.
  • Required to Work: Included with the OneTrip Prime policy, this add-on provides trip cancellation and trip interruption coverage for work-related emergencies.

Policies Offered

The chart below outlines the travel insurance policies offered by Allianz to help you compare plan details and coverage limits.

Cost of Allianz Travel Insurance

The cost of travel insurance depends on a range of factors, including your age, the destination and pre-existing medical conditions you may have. To help you understand costs when you get a quote, we gathered some samples from the Allianz website.

Cost of International Travel Insurance

Below are estimates for Allianz travel insurance policies for a trip to Spain for one traveler from New York who is aged 40. The total trip is worth $4,000 and will last for 12 days. The main differences between basic and premier plan fee coverage are limits for canceled trip costs and medical expenses, plus extra benefits for higher levels. They include missed connection and change fee coverage, among others.

Allianz Global Assistance offers 24/7 travel assistance via a multilingual team for all travel insurance plans. The team helps travelers with issues pertaining to policy covered reasons for requiring help. This includes, but isn’t limited to, medical care arrangements, hotel and flight re-bookings and stolen travel documents.

Allianz Customer Reviews

Allianz travel insurance holds 3.9 out of 5 stars from more than 30,000 reviews on Trustpilot. Many satisfied customers report that the claims process is simple and supportive when unforeseen circumstances occur. Among negative reviews, customers mention confusion regarding documents required for submission. In most cases, Allianz responds with offers of further assistance.

Below are some examples of positive and negative company reviews on Trustpilot.

“ Great experience. I absolutely will be using again. We had an issue that made us miss our train and we had to book a (more expensive) bus to our destination and I was reimbursed within a week of submitting the claim. As long as you submit ALL papers that even remotely relate to your situation (receipts, emails about cancellations, everything) you will be good if anything happens.” —T. Wilder via Trustpilot “ I’ve insured with Allianz for years in terms of vacation or short term vehicle rental insurance. One never knows how good insurance is until actually used. I’ve had one windshield claim for a vehicle rental with Allianz which went very smoothly.” —John S. via Trustpilotg “ Part of my claim was handled quickly. My medical claim is still under review…I’ve been asked twice for the same documentation and uploaded both times and haven’t heard anything.” —Melissa G. via Trustpilot “ I had to submit and resubmit three times. I was instructed differently on which documents were required to submit, making the process infinitely more confusing. On top of that, the estimated dates I was given for processing of my documents was generous. It took a few days, minimum, to get any kind of response back. Would not recommend and will not be using again. The only benefit is phone service was not busy so got through to someone fairly quickly.” —Eve B. via Trustpilot

Travelers can file a claim with Allianz via the 24/7 assistance hotline, online or by using the Allianz app . You need to provide your policy number, departure date and the policy type, and the Allianz website will tell. You’ll need supporting claim documents — the Allianz website has required claims documents for each type of claim. The process is straightforward, but they also have a video to demonstrate how to file a claim .

Allianz offers a range of travel insurance policy options to suit most travelers. From the OneTrip Basic Plan to the AllTrips Premier Plan, each policy provides sufficient coverage for emergency medical and trip cancellation while catering to different budgets and types of trips. All policies offer a high level of emergency assistance with 24/7 access to company support.

The AllTrips Executive Plan is well suited to business travelers, with business equipment and rental equipment coverage included. For all travelers, a choice of optional policy upgrades is useful, including CFAR and OneTrip Rental Car Protector. You can speak to a representative to help you understand which plan is right for you. Whichever policy you choose, Allianz offers affordable safeguards for your travels.

Frequently Asked Questions About Allianz Travel Insurance

How does allianz travel insurance work.

Allianz travel insurance reimburses you for financial losses covered by your policy, once you’ve filed and received approval for a claim. Depending on the policy chosen, travel insurance helps to recoup costs from trip cancellations, delayed baggage, medical emergencies and damaged valuables. Policy upgrades and access to 24/7 assistance are available with Allianz travel insurance.

How do you file a claim from Allianz travel insurance?

You can file a claim with Allianz Global Assistance online on the File a Claim page or in the TravelSmart app. Alternatively, call 1-866-884-3556 for 24/7 assistance. You’ll need your policy number or an account online.

To file a claim, you must provide suitable supporting documentation. For example, this may include emergency medical expenses or trip cancellation details. You can monitor the status of existing claims in the app or online.

Is Allianz a reputable company?

Yes, Allianz is a reputable company. Allianz, the parent company of Allianz Global Assistance, has a history that spans more than 100 years. Partners across the world include travel agencies, airlines and credit card companies. According to Allianz, approximately 55 million travelers use its services.

How much do Allianz travel insurance premiums cost?

The price of Allianz travel insurance depends on factors such as the cost of your trip, how long you’re traveling for, your age and pre-existing medical conditions you may have. Based on sample quotes we pulled for a $4,000 trip to Spain for two weeks, it would cost $134 to insure a 40 year-old New York resident under the OneTrip Basic Plan.

We recommend you request a free quote on the Allianz website to check rates and compare options before buying travel insurance.

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Methodology: Our System for Ranking the Best Travel Insurance Companies

  • A 30-year-old couple taking a $5,000 vacation to Mexico.
  • A family of four taking an $8,000 vacation to Mexico.
  • A 65-year-old couple taking a $7,000 vacation to London.
  • A 30-year-old couple taking a $7,000 trip to London.
  • Plan availability (10%): We look for insurers with a variety of travel insurance plans and the ability to customize a policy with coverage upgrades.
  • Coverage details (30%): We review the baseline coverage each company offers in its cheapest comprehensive plan. A provider with robust coverage earns full points, including baggage delay and loss, COVID-19 coverage, emergency evacuation and medical coverage, trip delay and cancellation coverage, and more. Companies also receive points for offering a variety of policy add-ons like accidental death and dismemberment, extreme sports, valuable items, cancel for any reason coverage and more.
  • Coverage times and amounts (32%): We compare each company’s waiting periods and maximum reimbursement amounts for baggage, travel and weather delays. Companies that offer customers reimbursement after fewer than 12 hours of delays earn full points in this category. We also reward travel insurance providers that cover more than 100% of trip costs in the event of cancellations or interruptions.
  • Company service and reviews (18%): We look for indicators that a company is well-prepared to respond to customer needs. Companies with an established global resource network, 24/7 emergency hotline, mobile app, multiple ways to file a claim and concierge services score higher in this category. We assess reputation by evaluating consumer reviews, third-party financial strength and customer experience ratings, specifically from AM Best and the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

allianz business travel insurance

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Compare Allianz Travel Insurance

Why you should trust us, allianz travel insurance review 2023.

Our experts answer readers' insurance questions and write unbiased product reviews ( here's how we assess insurance products ). In some cases, we receive a commission from our partners ; however, our opinions are our own.

While traveling can be a fun escape, it's an inherently risky activity with many variables to consider. You're away from home and what if something happens to you or your luggage or you need to cancel at the last minute because of weather or a personal emergency?

That's where travel insurance can help. One option is through Allianz Allianz Travel Insurance Global Assistance, a prominent leader in the travel insurance space that has been around in some form since 1890. Its Munich-based parent company, Allianz SE, has 155,000 employees across the globe. Allianz travel insurance serves over 55 million travelers in more than 70 countries each year, and it has a wide variety of plans and coverage options to choose from.

Allianz Allianz Travel Insurance

  • Check mark icon A check mark. It indicates a confirmation of your intended interaction. Good option for frequent travelers thanks to its annual multi-trip policies
  • Check mark icon A check mark. It indicates a confirmation of your intended interaction. Doesn't increase premium for trips longer than 30 days, meaning it could be one of the more affordable options for a long trip
  • Check mark icon A check mark. It indicates a confirmation of your intended interaction. Some plans include free coverage for children 17 and under
  • Check mark icon A check mark. It indicates a confirmation of your intended interaction. Concierge included with some plans
  • con icon Two crossed lines that form an 'X'. Coverage for medical emergency is lower than some competitors' policies
  • con icon Two crossed lines that form an 'X'. Plans don't include coverage contact sports and high-altitude activities
  • Single and multi-trip plans available
  • Trip cancellation and interruption coverage starting at up to $10,000 (higher limits with more expensive plans)
  • Preexisting medical condition coverage available with some plans

Allianz Travel Insurance Review: Types of Policies Offered

Allianz travel insurance offers different policies, grouped under two types: single trips and annual/multi-trips.

The company's travel insurance policies can include the following coverage types:

  • Trip interruption coverage , which can help recoup costs if you leave a trip early.
  • Travel delay , which can cover some costs if you need additional accommodations due to a delay in travel.
  • Emergency medical transportation , which covers transportation to a hospital for eligible illnesses and injuries.
  • Emergency medical expenses in case of a dental or medical emergency.
  • Baggage delay , which can cover some costs if you need to purchase required items due to your bags being delayed by a certain period of time. Must have receipts for this.
  • Baggage loss or damage , which can help recoup some costs if your bag is lost, stolen, or damaged.
  • Epidemic coverage endorsement, which can help recoup costs if you must cancel a nonrefundable trip due to COVID-19. It's important to note that there may be limitations and this isn't an option everywhere.
  • Travel accident coverage , which can cover costs related to an injury that results in loss of vision, your hands or feet, as well as loss of life.
  • Support via a 24-hour hotline

Single-Trip Plans

The general budget option is OneTrip Basic, which can offer various protections should something happen, if you file a claim for a qualified reason.

One step up is the OneTrip Prime policy, one of the most popular plans Allianz offers. It has higher coverage limits than the Basic plan, along with some additional perks.

A more complete option is OneTrip Premier, which includes more comprehensive protections should you need them. This policy is for more extensive, longer trips and includes extras like SmartBenefits—which up to $100 per day for a covered travel or baggage delay with no receipts necessary, only proof of delay—and sports equipment loss coverage.

The coverage limits available vary by plan. Here's an overview of what each policy covers:

Other OneTrip Premier benefits not mentioned in the table above include:

  • Sports Traveler, reimbursement up to $1,000 in the event of a missed sports event for a qualified reason
  • Sports Equipment Loss, reimbursement up to $1,000 to cover damaged or lost sports equipment
  • Sports Equipment Rental, reimbursement up to $1,000 for the cost to rent sports equipment if your equipment is damaged or lost
  • Vehicle return, up to $750 reimbursement to return your vehicle to your home if you can't drive it for a qualified reason
  • Adventure and sports exclusions changes, which allows you to waive some losses in the event you participate in high-risk activities like free diving at 30 ft, scuba diving at 100 ft, caving, and more

There are two additional single-trip plans from Allianz that offer more specialized coverage: One Trip Emergency and OneTrip Cancellation Plus.

OneTrip Emergency Medical

OneTrip Emergency Medical is a budget option that exclusively offers post-departure benefits to cover you while you're on your trip. As such, the plan doesn't include pre-departure benefits such as trip cancellation or interruption.

  • Travel delay, up to $200 per day per person for a maximum of $1000 for delays of six hours and beyond
  • Travel accident coverage, up to $10,000
  • Emergency medical transportation, up to $250,000
  • Emergency medical expenses, up to $50,000 though dental emergencies have a maximum of $750
  • Baggage delay, up to $750 with a delay of 12 hours or more
  • Baggage loss or damage, up to $2000
  • Epidemic coverage endorsement
  • Concierge services included

OneTrip Cancellation Plus

The OneTrip Cancellation Plus policy by Allianz is its economical back-to-basics option that can recoup costs in the event of a travel delay, interruption, or cancellation for a qualified reason. This policy includes:

  • Travel interruption coverage, up to $5,000
  • Trip cancellation coverage, up to $5,000
  • Travel delay, up to $150 with delays of six hours and beyond

Multi-Trip Plans

The aforementioned policies are for single trips, but with Allianz travel insurance it's possible to get an annual/multi-trip policy.

The starter annual plan is the AllTrips Basic policy which includes the most basic coverage, and it excludes both trip interruption and trip cancellation coverage.

The AllTrips Prime policy is geared toward travelers who take a minimum of three trips each year and comes with additional coverage compared to the basic plan.

Another annual plan is the AllTrips Premier policy, which is geared toward frequent travelers and includes higher coverage limits and choices.

AllTrips Executive

Additionally, there's the AllTrips Executive policy, which may be a good fit if you're a frequent business traveler. Under this plan, personal travel is also covered. This policy includes:

  • Trip interruption coverage, up to $5,000, $7,500, or $10,000
  • Trip cancellation coverage, up to $5,000, $7,500 or $10,000
  • Travel delay, with a daily limit of $200 up to $1,600 for delays of six hours and beyond
  • Travel accident coverage, up to $50,000
  • Baggage delay, up to $1,000 with a delay of 12 hours or more
  • Baggage loss or damage, up to $1,000
  • Rental car damage and theft coverage, up to $45,000
  • Business equipment coverage, up to $1,000 in the event your business equipment gets lost or damaged
  • Business equipment rental coverage, up to $1,000 in the event you need to rent business equipment due to loss, damage, or theft
  • Change fee coverage, up to $500 to recoup costs of changing a ticket for a qualified reason
  • Loyalty program redeposit fee coverage, up to $500 to recover fees lost due to getting loyalty points back after a canceled trip

Additional Coverage Options from Allianz

Aside from the travel insurance policies from Allianz listed above that help travelers prepare for interruptions and cancellations, there are additional add-ons that can cover more.

For example, if you're renting a car you might consider the OneTrip Rental Car Protector policy.

OneTrip Rental Car Protector

If you're looking for rental car coverage, Allianz offers the OneTrip Rental Car Protector policy for $11 per day. This policy includes:

  • Trip interruption coverage, up to $1,000
  • Collision damage waiver, up to $50,000 which helps cover costs in the event your rental car is damaged in an accident or stolen

On top of the rental car coverage plan, with the OneTrip Prime plan, there's an optional upgrade to get Required to Work coverage. If there is a work-related emergency and you need to cancel for a qualified reason, this coverage can help recover expenses.

What's Not Included with Allianz Travel Insurance?

Allianz travel insurance covers the basics and more and has some high-risk activity exclusions in the OneTrip Premier plan. Aside from that, Allianz travel insurance excludes the following:

  • Acts of violence, such as war, terrorism, and civil unrest
  • Risky adventure sports
  • Unexpected natural disasters (OneTrip Premier allows cancellation due to hurricane warnings)
  • Any travel alerts or government regulations and more

If you're interested in coverage for activities like scuba diving, skiing, and more, consider World Nomads, which covers more than 200 activities.

Allianz Travel Insurance FAQs

Allianz is a reputable and well-established travel insurance provider. The company offers various travel insurance policies for individual trips as well as annual plans. Coverage options may include trip interruption, trip cancellation, trip delay, emergency medical, and more. The company has mixed reviews from consumers but has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Nearly all travel insurance policies offered by Allianz cover COVID-19, aside from the OneTrip Rental Car Protector Plan. Through the Allianz Epidemic Coverage Endorsement, policyholders receive additional protections if they need to cancel a trip due to COVID. Unfortunately, while it's available in most plans it's not available in all jurisdictions, so be sure to read the fine print. This is currently a temporary offering.

The best Allianz plan for travelers looking to protect a single trip is OneTrip Premier which comes with the most robust protections. Your kids ages 17 and under are included in the coverage. OneTrip Premier includes hurricane warnings as a valid reason, plus includes $100,000 in trip cancellation coverage and $150,000 in travel interruption coverage. The policy also includes up to $2,000 for lost baggage and one million for emergency medical transportation. Additionally, this policy includes unique benefits for athletes and adventurers thanks to sports equipment coverage.

If you need to file a claim, Allianz may require proof of incident in order to receive benefits. In cases of medical issues, you may need to provide a medical receipt or document. In other cases, you may need to provide other documentation for trip cancellation or trip interruption such as a death certificate, police report, or employment letter.

Does Allianz cover missed flights?

Allianz doesn't cover missed flights exactly but can help cover costs due to trip delays depending on your policy. So if you missed a connecting flight, you may be able to receive funds to recoup costs related to accommodations and transportation.

Allianz Travel Insurance Cost

How much travel insurance costs with Allianz will depend on a variety of factors, including the type of policy you purchase. To get a quote with Allianz, you'll need to provide the following:

  • Your destination
  • Travel dates
  • The state you live in
  • The total cost of the trip

A 23-year-old from Chicago looking to spend the week of Valentine's Day in Italy with a budget trip costing $3,000 would have the following Allianz travel insurance quotes:

  • $99 for OneTrip Basic
  • $130 for OneTrip Prime
  • $188 for OneTrip Premier

A 30-year-old traveler from California is heading to Japan for the first two weeks of October. The trip costs $4,000. The Allianz travel insurance quotes are:

  • $153 for OneTrip Basic
  • $195 for OneTrip Prime
  • $270 for OneTrip Premier

A couple of 65-years of age looking to escape New York for Mexico for two weeks in January with a trip cost of $6,000 would have the following Allianz travel insurance quotes:

  • $298 for OneTrip Basic (total for two travelers)
  • $400 for OneTrip Prime (total for two travelers)
  • $540 for OneTrip Premier (total for two travelers)

Allianz travel insurance premiums generally stack up favorably against the industry average , which is $248 per trip, but again, the specifics of your trip will largely determine how much you'll pay to insure it.

Filing A Claim with Allianz Travel Insurance

If you purchase a travel insurance policy through Allianz and experience a qualifying event, you can file a claim on the company's website or via its TravelSmart app.

To file a claim with Allianz, you'll need to submit information on their website or app about the type of claim and provide supporting documentation, as well as payment information to get reimbursed.

You'll need to select the plan and include your email or policy number as well as your departure date.

If you need assistance when filing a claim with Allianz, you can reach the company at 1-866-884-3556.

The Allianz mailing address is:

Allianz Global Assistance

P.O. Box 71533

Richmond, VA 23255-1533

To reach out to Allianz online, you can submit your request via its contact form.

See how Allianz stacks up against the competition. 

Allianz Travel Insurance vs. AXA Travel Insurance

One of the downsides of Allianz travel insurance is that the company doesn't offer what's referred to as Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR) online. You need to talk to a travel agent to discuss what's available.

Competitor AXA travel insurance covers 75% of your nonrefundable costs if you choose to cancel, for any reason (as the name suggests) if you choose that as an upgrade and buy it two weeks before your first trip deposit. 

Plus, if we look at the travel insurance quotes based on a 30-year-old traveler from California going to Japan in the first two weeks of October paying a total of $4,000 for the trip, AXA travel insurance is more affordable. It's $97 for its Silver plan, which covers 100% trip cancellation and interruption. Compare this to $153 for the OneTrip Basic Plan through Allianz.

AXA Travel Insurance Review

Allianz Travel Insurance  vs. HTH Travel Insurance

Allianz is a good travel insurance option if you're looking for a variety of customized choices. Another competitor, HTH Worldwide Travel Insurance , has three trip protection options .

TripProtector Economy is HTH's budget option and may be a good fit if you're looking for higher medical coverage limits. This policy covers up to $75,000 in accident and sick benefits and $500 in dental benefits.

Plus, the policy covers up to $500,000 for an emergency evacuation. The OneTrip Basic policy from Allianz covers the same dental benefits but offers just $10,000 in medical expenses.

HTH Travel Insurance Review

Allianz vs. Credit Card Travel Insurance

A travel insurance policy can offer robust protections, but if you're looking for something basic for trip interruption/cancellation and rental car coverage, check your travel rewards credit card. If you experience illness, weather, or cancellations that affect your trip, you may be able to recoup costs.

Credit card travel insurance coverage may be a good fit for short trips where you don't have a ton of upfront prepaid costs. However, if you're going to be away for a while, have many prepaid expenses, and are concerned about medical coverage, traditional travel insurance may be your best bet.

Best Credit Cards with Travel Insurance

As part of this Allianz travel insurance review, we looked at the top travel insurance providers in the space. We reviewed the variety of options offered, coverage limits, benefits, add-ons, flexibility, COVID protocols, and affordability.

Allianz succeeds in offering many different policies aimed at everyday travelers, business travelers, and athletes. To find the best travel insurance option for you, check out several companies, review the benefits, and compare quotes.

allianz business travel insurance

Editorial Note: Any opinions, analyses, reviews or recommendations expressed in this article are those of the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by any card issuer. Read our editorial standards .

Please note: While the offers mentioned above are accurate at the time of publication, they're subject to change at any time and may have changed, or may no longer be available.

**Enrollment required.

allianz business travel insurance

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Allianz Trip Insurance

Travel insurance provided by Allianz Global Assistance

Protect your travel experience

Read about Allianz Trip Insurance’s COVID-19 insurance coverage limitations and accommodations.

U.S. coverage alert Opens another site in a new window that may not meet accessibility guidelines.

Top reasons to buy trip insurance

  • Financial reimbursement if you have to cancel or interrupt your trip due to a covered illness, injury, jury duty, and more
  • Emergency medical benefits in and outside the U.S. – where many personal health insurance policies (like Medicare) won’t cover you
  • 24-hour emergency assistance to help you solve medical and other travel-related problems on the go

Types of trip insurance plans

Allianz Trip Insurance comes in a variety of plans to fit your specific needs. Single-trip plans can protect one trip, annual plans can protect all your trips for an entire year, and rental car protection plans can keep your budget safe from accidental collision and damage to a rental vehicle.

All insurance is recommended / offered / sold by 3rd party, Allianz Global Assistance, not American Airlines. Underwriter: Jefferson Insurance Company or BCS Insurance Company. AGA Service Company is the licensed producer and administrator of these plans. AGA Service Company is a licensed producer in all 50 states plus the District of Columbia.

Get a quote Opens another site in a new window that may not meet accessibility guidelines.

Trip insurance benefits

Reimburses your prepaid, non-refundable travel expenses if you need to cancel your trip due to a covered illness, injury, and more.

Reimburses the unused, non-refundable portion of your trip and increased transportation costs it takes for you to return home early or to continue your trip due to a covered illness, injury, and more.

Reimburses expenses related to covered emergency medical or dental care incurred on your trip.

Provides benefits for medically necessary transportation to the nearest appropriate medical facility following a covered injury or illness.

Reimburses extra meals and accommodations you may need if your flight is delayed for 6 or more hours for a covered reason.

Reimburses you if your luggage is lost, damaged or stolen during your trip—keeping your travel plans on track.

Reimburses the purchase of essential items if your luggage is delayed for more than 24 hours.

Turn your trip into a VIP experience. Our travel experts can give you destination information, make restaurant reservations, find tickets to shows, and more.

Help is just a phone call away. Our team of multilingual problem solvers is available to help you with medical and other travel-related emergencies.

Provides primary coverage with no deductible.

Review period

If you’re not completely satisfied, you have 15 days (or more, depending on your state of residence) to request a refund, provided you haven’t started your trip or initiated a claim. Plans are non-refundable after this period.

Additional assistance

Coverage by country of residence.

  • Frequently asked questions

Insurance benefits underwritten by BCS Insurance Company (OH, Administrative Office: 2 Mid America Plaza, Suite 200, Oakbrook Terrace, IL 60181), rated “A” (Excellent) by A.M. Best Co., under BCS Form No. 52.201 series or 52.401 series, or Jefferson Insurance Company (NY, Administrative Office: 9950 Mayland Drive, Richmond, VA 23233), rated “A+” (Superior) by A.M. Best Co., under Jefferson Form No. 101-C series or 101-P series, depending on your state of residence and plan chosen. A+ (Superior) and A (Excellent) are the 2nd and 3rd highest, respectively, of A.M. Best’s 13 Financial Strength Ratings. Plans only available to U.S. residents and may not be available in all jurisdictions. Allianz Global Assistance and Allianz Travel Insurance are marks of AGA Service Company dba Allianz Global Assistance or its affiliates. Allianz Travel Insurance products are distributed by Allianz Global Assistance, the licensed producer and administrator of these plans and an affiliate of Jefferson Insurance Company. The insured shall not receive any special benefit or advantage due to the affiliation between AGA Service Company and Jefferson Insurance Company. Plans include insurance benefits and assistance services. Any Non-Insurance Assistance services purchased are provided through AGA Service Company. Except as expressly provided under your plan, you are responsible for charges you incur from third parties. Contact AGA Service Company at 800-284-8300 or 9950 Mayland Drive,Richmond, VA 23233 or [email protected]

Email [email protected]

PLEASE BE ADVISED: This plan contains insurance benefits (which may include disability and/or health insurance benefits) that only apply during the covered trip. This optional coverage may duplicate coverage already provided by your personal auto, home, renter’s, health, life, personal liability, or other insurance policy or source of coverage but may be subject to different restrictions. You should review the terms of this policy with your existing coverage. If you have any questions about your current coverage, call your insurer/health plan or insurance agent/broker. This insurance is not required to purchase any other products/services. Unless licensed, travel retailers and their employees may provide general information about the insurance, including a description of coverage and price, but are not qualified/authorized to answer technical questions about terms, benefits, exclusions, and conditions of the insurance or evaluate the adequacy of existing coverage. Plans are intended for U.S. residents only and may not be available in all jurisdictions. Rental Car Protector is not available to KS and TX residents, except when purchased as a separate policy and is not available in all countries or for all cars. This coverage does not provide liability insurance or comply with any financial responsibility law, or any other law mandating motor vehicle coverage and does not cover you for any injury to another party. Additionally:

California Residents: We are doing business in California as Allianz Global Assistance Insurance Agency, License # 0B01400. California offers a toll-free consumer hotline at 1-800-927-4357.

New York Residents: The licensed producer represents the insurer for purposes of the sale. Compensation paid to the producer may depend on the policy selected, or the producer’s expenses, volume of business, or profitability. The purchaser may request and obtain information about the producer’s compensation, except as otherwise provided by law.

Maryland Residents: The purchase of travel insurance would make the travel insurance coverage primary to any other duplicate or similar coverage. The Commissioner may be contacted to file a complaint at: Maryland Insurance Administration, ATTN: Consumer Complaint Investigation Property/Casualty, 200 St. Paul Place, Suite 2700, Baltimore, MD 21202.

Texas Residents: Before deciding whether to purchase this insurance plan, you may wish to determine whether your own automobile insurance or credit card agreement provides you coverage for rental vehicle damage or loss and determine the amount of deductible under your own insurance coverage. The purchase of this insurance plan is not mandatory. This coverage is not all inclusive, which means it does not cover such things as personal injury, personal liability, or personal property. It does not cover you for damages to other vehicles or property. It does not cover you for any injury to any other party.

Plan charge includes the cost of insurance benefits and assistance services. See your Plan Details for more information, or call Allianz Global Assistance at 800-284-8300.

AGA Service Company dba Allianz Global Assistance (AGA) compensates their suppliers or agencies for allowing AGA to market or offer products to customers of the supplier or agency.

*Terms, conditions, and exclusions apply, including for pre-existing conditions. Plans may not be available to residents of all states. Insurance benefits are underwritten by either BCS Insurance Company or Jefferson Insurance Company, depending on insured’s state of residence. AGA Service Company is the licensed producer and administrator of these plans.

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Allianz Travel Review

Monday, November 6th

2023 Travel Insurance Plan Reviews

Allianz Travel Review

  • Allianz Travel
  • 10 plans to choose from, including single-trip, annual/multi-trip, and rental car coverage
  • "A+" rated and accredited by the BBB
  • In business for 100+ years

Allianz Travel is a huge name in the insurance industry. Last year alone, this company assisted more than 55 million people with protecting themselves and their belongings while roaming the globe.

Single-trip, multi-trip, and car rental insurance available here

There are ten different types of travel insurance coverage offered by Allianz, all designated according to whether you're covering a single trip (OneTrip), multiple trips within a year (AllTrips), or just rental car insurance. On the main quote page, you simply choose which of the three plan types fits your travels, enter your destination, travel dates, age of traveler, state of residence, and total trip cost, and you'll be shown all of the policies that match.

Not as much for the money

We used a sample traveler profile of two 35-year-olds going to Mexico for a week, about six months in the future, and with a total cost of $3,000. We were given the choice among all three of Allianz' OneTrip plans, ranging in price from $130 to $286 for both people. We weren't really impressed by the coverage: even at the highest level (Premier), the available medical coverage had a maximum of just $50,000 (while many rivals go up to $100,000 or even $1 million on their top-tier policies).

Some options are missing or hard to spot

It also wasn't until we were on the final payment page that we could click to see the full Plan and Pricing Details. We never found an option with Allianz that would cover Cancel For Any Reason. And, it was only in the very lengthy plan details that we spotted that our policy automatically included a pre-existing medical conditions waiver, as long as our policy was purchased within 14 days of the first payment (and several other eligibility criteria were met).

Best Travel Insurance Plans

Some nice perks

However, there are some benefits with Allianz travel insurance plans that didn't necessarily apply to our case study travelers but could be a reason for you to choose their coverage. For example, OneTrip Prime adds no-cost coverage for children 17 and under when traveling with a parent or grandparent. The AllTrips Executive plan covers your business equipment in the event of loss, theft, or airline delay: you can be reimbursed for equipment rental, replacement, and/or repair - and this policy will cover your personal travel/vacations as well.

"A+" from the BBB - despite 1,100+ complaints

You'll find the BBB's listing for Allianz Travel under their Global Assistance division: an "A+" and accreditation. There were over 1100 complaints filed with the BBB in the most recent three-year period, but an "A+" means that they were all responded to and handled professionally.

Mixed results on handling claims

Considering what travelers have said in other places, Allianz gets its fair share of complaints about slow claims processing. On the other hand, we found plenty of people praising how fast they were reimbursed for covered losses - from hotel and restaurant costs when return flights got canceled and rescheduled for another day to airfare and more, often getting payments to the customer within two weeks.

Good enough

All of this adds up to Allianz receiving the same rating that we gave them in our last review. This travel insurance provider is reliable, and they've added one more coverage type since our previous evaluation. We're not concerned that travelers will have big problems here, but there are other services that provide a wider range of options than Allianz.

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The 13 Best Travel Insurance Plans

Who offers the best travel insurance.

With daily news stories of delayed and canceled flights, lost baggage, and travelers stranded overseas in the middle of a natural disaster, it's easy to see why travel insurance is so important. Like most types of insurance, travel insurance is bought in the hopes that you'll never need it. But, for most travelers, it's worth the price for the protection it provides.

Have you ever thought that this coverage was just an unnecessary, added expense? That's fairly common: most people assume that they've got protection through their credit card company, their regular health insurance, even their homeowners' policy. In some situations, that may be accurate - but unless you know the details of those types of coverage, you're more likely to be left paying out-of-pocket expenses you thought were taken care of... but aren't included.

The Best Travel Insurance Plans

Travel Insurance Plan FAQ

What is travel insurance, what does travel insurance cover, what does travel insurance not cover, can i get travel insurance if i have a pre-existing medical condition, is travel insurance expensive, my chocolate is going someplace warm. will it melt, where can i buy travel insurance, is it safe to get travel insurance online.

Compare the Best Reviews

Continued from above...

And, even if you do have that kind of protection, travel insurance policies can amplify your benefits. For example, if you choose a plan that offers $500,000 in primary medical coverage, you might not need to touch your regular health insurance: your bills will be reimbursed up to that amount, no matter what your everyday health plan includes. Car rental insurance can go above and beyond what's paid for by your credit card company or even your own vehicle's coverage - and that can be critical if you're driving in another country and have an accident.

What type of travel insurance do you need? Naturally, that depends on your trip, your travel party, and your budget. A single-trip policy will be more affordable than multi-trip coverage - but if you're traveling internationally more than once in a year, the annual policy becomes much more economical. Do you need to be able to cancel for any reason? Is it important to you to have a waiver of the pre-existing conditions exclusion? Are there any children under 18 in your party that might be included at no extra charge, depending on the insurer you select? These are all factors that will influence your decision when picking a travel insurance plan.

Confused yet? You do have a lot of options. Here are some criteria to help you sort through them and ultimately wind up with the travel insurance coverage you need:

  • Quote process. How easy is it to get a quote that matches your insurance needs? Does the site explain the questions it asks, and does it display all of the possible plans in a way you can understand? Can you buy your policy right then and there, or do you have to click through to another site?
  • Value. What's included for your premium? From one site to another, you will probably see the same price on any given plan because the states regulate travel insurance prices. However, it's worth your time to compare premium prices and benefits among different insurers, so that you get the most for your money.
  • Reputation. It's easy for an insurance company to get high marks from customers if they never had to make a claim on the policy. What do clients who've filed claims say about the way they were treated? Were they reimbursed quickly? Did they get updates about the status of the claim? It's also good to check the Better Business Bureau's rating of any travel insurance service you're going to use.

To help you get the protection you need on your next adventure, has evaluated and ranked today's most popular sources of travel insurance. We're confident that this information will make it easy to protect yourself and what you've spent on your trip - and to have backup if something goes off track on your journey. Bon voyage!

Compare Travel Insurance Plans

Select any 2 Travel Insurance Plans to compare them head to head


Travel Insurance Articles

How travel insurance can save your vacation, what does travel insurance cost, what to look for in a travel insurance policy.

See the Best Travel Insurance Plan

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CBS News on MSN

5 reasons to buy travel insurance for winter trips

Wintertime travel often requires packing bulkier clothing and gear. Unfortunately, this can lead to an increased risk of lost or delayed luggage. Travel insurance typically includes coverage for lost ...

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Business Insider on ...

Travel Insurance Cost: This Week's Average Rates

Get started with achieving your financial goals! Our experts answer readers' insurance questions and write unbiased product reviews (here's how we assess insurance products). In some cases, we receive ...

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2023 Travvy Awards: Honoring the Industry’s Best Travel Insurance ...

Travvy Awards Gala, held in Fort Lauderdale November 2, a few top travel insurance suppliers snagged Gold, Silver, and Bronze accolades for the quality of their products and customer service.

  Sat, 04 Nov 2023

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Travel Insurance For New Zealand: A Guide

While travel insurance for New Zealand isn’t compulsory, it’s highly recommended. Good travel insurance will cover lost expenses should the policyholder need to cancel their trip due to an emergency, ...

  Fri, 03 Nov 2023

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Our Pick Of The Best Travel Insurance For Austria

A travel insurance policy for Austria should include at least £1 million for emergency medical treatment while away, and repatriation costs, if necessary. A minimum of £2 million in personal liability ...

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The best travel insurance policies and providers

Katie Genter

It's easy to dismiss the value of travel insurance until you need it.

Many travelers have strong opinions about whether you should buy travel insurance . However, the purpose of this post isn't to determine whether it's worth investing in. Instead, it compares some of the top travel insurance providers and policies so you can determine which travel insurance option is best for you.

Of course, as the coronavirus remains an ongoing concern, it's important to understand whether travel insurance covers pandemics. Some policies will cover you if you're diagnosed with COVID-19 and have proof of illness from a doctor. Others will take coverage a step further, covering additional types of pandemic-related expenses and cancellations.

Know, though, that every policy will have exclusions and restrictions that may limit coverage. For example, fear of travel is generally not a covered reason for invoking trip cancellation or interruption coverage, while specific stipulations may apply to elevated travel warnings from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Interested in travel insurance? Visit to shop for plans that may fit your travel needs.

So, before buying a specific policy, you must understand the full terms and any special notices the insurer has about COVID-19. You may even want to buy the optional cancel for any reason add-on that's available for some comprehensive policies. While you'll pay more for that protection, it allows you to cancel your trip for any reason and still get some of your costs back. Note that this benefit is time-sensitive and has other eligibility requirements, so not all travelers will qualify.

In this guide, we'll review several policies from top travel insurance providers so you have a better understanding of your options before picking the policy and provider that best address your wants and needs.

The best travel insurance providers

To put together this list of the best travel insurance providers, a number of details were considered: favorable ratings from TPG Lounge members, the availability of details about policies and the claims process online, positive online ratings and the ability to purchase policies in most U.S. states. You can also search for options from these (and other) providers through an insurance comparison site like InsureMyTrip .

When comparing insurance providers, I priced out a single-trip policy for each provider for a $2,000, one-week vacation to Istanbul . I used my actual age and state of residence when obtaining quotes. As a result, you may see a different price — or even additional policies due to regulations for travel insurance varying from state to state — when getting a quote.

AIG Travel Guard

AIG Travel Guard receives many positive reviews from readers in the TPG Lounge who have filed claims with the company. AIG offers three plans online, which you can compare side by side, and the ability to examine sample policies. Here are three plans for my sample trip to Turkey.

allianz business travel insurance

AIG Travel Guard also offers an annual travel plan. This plan is priced at $259 per year for one Florida resident.

Additionally, AIG Travel Guard offers several other policies, including a single-trip policy without trip cancellation protection . See AIG Travel Guard's COVID-19 notification and COVID-19 advisory for current details regarding COVID-19 coverage.

Preexisting conditions

Typically, AIG Travel Guard wouldn't cover you for any loss or expense due to a preexisting medical condition that existed within 180 days of the coverage effective date. However, AIG Travel Guard may waive the preexisting medical condition exclusion on some plans if you meet the following conditions:

  • You purchase the plan within 15 days of your initial trip payment.
  • The amount of coverage you purchase equals all trip costs at the time of purchase. You must update your coverage to insure the costs of any subsequent arrangements that you add to your trip within 15 days of paying the travel supplier for these additional arrangements.
  • You must be medically able to travel when you purchase your plan.

Standout features

  • The Deluxe and Preferred plans allow you to purchase an upgrade that lets you cancel your trip for any reason. However, reimbursement under this coverage will not exceed 50% or 75% of your covered trip cost.
  • You can include one child (age 17 and younger) with each paying adult for no additional cost on most single-trip plans.
  • Other optional upgrades, including an adventure sports bundle, a baggage bundle, an inconvenience bundle, a pet bundle, a security bundle and a wedding bundle, are available on some policies. So, an AIG Travel Guard plan may be a good choice if you know you want extra coverage in specific areas.

Purchase your policy here: AIG Travel Guard .

Allianz Travel Insurance

Allianz is one of the most highly regarded providers in the TPG Lounge, and many readers found the claim process reasonable. Allianz offers many plans, including the following single-trip plans for my sample trip to Turkey.

allianz business travel insurance

If you travel frequently, it may make sense to purchase an annual multi-trip policy. For this plan, all of the maximum coverage amounts in the table below are per trip (except for the trip cancellation and trip interruption amounts, which are an aggregate limit per policy). Trips typically must last no more than 45 days, although some plans may cover trips of up to 90 days.

allianz business travel insurance

See Allianz's coverage alert for current information on COVID-19 coverage.

Most Allianz travel insurance plans may cover preexisting medical conditions if you meet particular requirements. For the OneTrip Premier, Prime and Basic plans, the requirements are as follows:

  • You purchased the policy within 14 days of the date of the first trip payment or deposit.
  • You were a U.S. resident when you purchased the policy.
  • You were medically able to travel when you purchased the policy.
  • On the policy purchase date, you insured the total, nonrefundable cost of your trip (including arrangements that will become nonrefundable or subject to cancellation penalties before your departure date). If you incur additional nonrefundable trip expenses after purchasing this policy, you must insure them within 14 days of their purchase.
  • Allianz offers reasonably priced annual policies for independent travelers and families who take multiple trips lasting up to 45 days (or 90 days for select plans) per year.
  • Some Allianz plans provide the option of receiving a flat reimbursement amount without receipts for trip delay and baggage delay claims. Of course, you can also submit receipts to get up to the maximum refund.
  • For emergency transportation coverage, you or someone on your behalf must contact Allianz, and Allianz must then make all transportation arrangements in advance. However, most Allianz policies provide an option if you cannot contact the company: Allianz will pay up to what it would have paid if it had made the arrangements.

Purchase your policy here: Allianz Travel Insurance .

American Express Travel Insurance

American Express Travel Insurance offers four different package plans and a build-your-own coverage option. You don't have to be an American Express cardholder to purchase this insurance. Here are the four package options for my sample weeklong trip to Turkey. Unlike some other providers, Amex won't ask for your travel destination on the initial quote (but will when you purchase the plan).

allianz business travel insurance

Amex's build-your-own coverage plan is unique because you can purchase just the coverage you need. For most types of protection, you can even select the coverage amount that works best for you.

allianz business travel insurance

The prices for the packages and the build-your-own plan don't increase for longer trips — as long as the trip cost remains constant. However, the emergency medical and dental benefit is only available for your first 60 days of travel.

Typically, Amex won't cover any loss you incur because of a preexisting medical condition that existed within 90 days of the coverage effective date. However, Amex may waive its preexisting-condition exclusion if you meet both of the following requirements:

  • You must be medically able to travel at the time you pay the policy premium.
  • You pay the policy premium within 14 days of making the first covered trip deposit.
  • Amex's build-your-own coverage option allows you to only purchase — and pay for — the coverage you need.
  • Coverage on long trips doesn't cost more than coverage for short trips, making this policy ideal for extended getaways. However, the emergency medical and dental benefit only covers your first 60 days of travel.
  • American Express Travel Insurance can protect travel expenses you purchase with Amex Membership Rewards points in the Pay with Points program (as well as travel expenses bought with cash, debit or credit). However, travel expenses bought with other types of points and miles aren't covered.

Purchase your policy here: American Express Travel Insurance .

GeoBlue is different from most other providers described in this piece because it only provides medical coverage while you're traveling internationally and does not offer benefits to protect the cost of your trip. There are many different policies. Some require you to have primary health insurance in the U.S. (although it doesn't need to be provided by Blue Cross Blue Shield), but all of them only offer coverage while traveling outside the U.S.

Two single-trip plans are available if you're traveling for six months or less. The Voyager Choice policy provides coverage (including medical services and medical evacuation for a sudden recurrence of a preexisting condition) for trips outside the U.S. to travelers who are 95 or younger and already have a U.S. health insurance policy.

allianz business travel insurance

The Voyager Essential policy provides coverage (including medical evacuation for a sudden recurrence of a preexisting condition) for trips outside the U.S. to travelers who are 95 or younger, regardless of whether they have primary health insurance.

allianz business travel insurance

In addition to these options, two multi-trip plans cover trips of up to 70 days each for one year. Both policies provide coverage (including medical services and medical evacuation for preexisting conditions) to travelers with primary health insurance.

allianz business travel insurance

Be sure to check out GeoBlue's COVID-19 notices before buying a plan.

Most GeoBlue policies explicitly cover sudden recurrences of preexisting conditions for medical services and medical evacuation.

  • GeoBlue can be an excellent option if you're mainly concerned about the medical side of travel insurance.
  • GeoBlue provides single-trip, multi-trip and long-term medical travel insurance policies for many different types of travel.

Purchase your policy here: GeoBlue .

IMG offers various travel medical insurance policies for travelers, as well as comprehensive travel insurance policies. For a single trip of 90 days or less, there are five policy types available for vacation or holiday travelers. Although you must enter your gender, males and females received the same quote for my one-week search.

allianz business travel insurance

You can purchase an annual multi-trip travel medical insurance plan. Some only cover trips lasting up to 30 or 45 days, but others provide coverage for longer trips.

allianz business travel insurance

See IMG's page on COVID-19 for additional policy information as it relates to coronavirus-related claims.

Most plans may cover preexisting conditions under set parameters or up to specific amounts. For example, the iTravelInsured Travel LX travel insurance plan shown above may cover preexisting conditions if you purchase the insurance within 24 hours of making the final payment for your trip.

For the travel medical insurance plans shown above, preexisting conditions are covered for travelers younger than 70. However, coverage is capped based on your age and whether you have a primary health insurance policy.

  • Some annual multi-trip plans are modestly priced.
  • iTravelInsured Travel LX may offer optional cancel for any reason and interruption for any reason coverage, if eligible.

Purchase your policy here: IMG .

Travelex Insurance

Travelex offers three single-trip plans: Travel Basic, Travel Select and Travel America. However, only the Travel Basic and Travel Select plans would be applicable for my trip to Turkey.

allianz business travel insurance

See Travelex's COVID-19 coverage statement for coronavirus-specific information.

Typically, Travelex won't cover losses incurred because of a preexisting medical condition that existed within 60 days of the coverage effective date. However, the Travel Select plan may offer a preexisting condition exclusion waiver. To be eligible for this waiver, the insured traveler must meet all the following conditions:

  • You purchase the plan within 15 days of the initial trip payment.
  • The amount of coverage purchased equals all prepaid, nonrefundable payments or deposits applicable to the trip at the time of purchase. Additionally, you must insure the costs of any subsequent arrangements added to the same trip within 15 days of payment or deposit.
  • All insured individuals are medically able to travel when they pay the plan cost.
  • The trip cost does not exceed the maximum trip cost limit under trip cancellation as shown in the schedule per person (only applicable to trip cancellation, interruption and delay).
  • Travelex's Travel Select policy can cover trips lasting up to 364 days, which is longer than many single-trip policies.
  • Neither Travelex policy requires receipts for trip and baggage delay expenses less than $25.
  • For emergency evacuation coverage, you or someone on your behalf must contact Travelex and have Travelex make all transportation arrangements in advance. However, both Travelex policies provide an option if you cannot contact Travelex: Travelex will pay up to what it would have paid if it had made the arrangements.

Purchase your policy here: Travelex Insurance .

Seven Corners

Seven Corners offers a wide variety of policies. Here are the policies that are most applicable to travelers on a single international trip.

allianz business travel insurance

Seven Corners also offers many other types of travel insurance, including an annual multi-trip plan. You can choose coverage for trips of up to 30, 45 or 60 days when purchasing an annual multi-trip plan.

allianz business travel insurance

See Seven Corner's page on COVID-19 for additional policy information as it relates to coronavirus-related claims.

Typically, Seven Corners won't cover losses incurred because of a preexisting medical condition. However, the RoundTrip Choice plan offers a preexisting condition exclusion waiver. To be eligible for this waiver, you must meet all of the following conditions:

  • You buy this plan within 20 days of making your initial trip payment or deposit.
  • You or your travel companion are medically able and not disabled from travel when you pay for this plan or upgrade your plan.
  • You update the coverage to include the additional cost of subsequent travel arrangements within 15 days of paying your travel supplier for them.
  • Seven Corners offers the ability to purchase optional sports and golf equipment coverage. If purchased, this extra insurance will reimburse you for the cost of renting sports or golf equipment if yours is lost, stolen, damaged or delayed by a common carrier for six or more hours. However, Seven Corners must authorize the expenses in advance.
  • You can add cancel for any reason coverage or trip interruption for any reason coverage to RoundTrip plans. Although some other providers offer cancel for any reason coverage, trip interruption for any reason coverage is less common.
  • Seven Corners' RoundTrip Choice policy offers a political or security evacuation benefit that will transport you to the nearest safe place or your residence under specific conditions. You can also add optional event ticket registration fee protection to the RoundTrip Choice policy.

Purchase your policy here: Seven Corners .

World Nomads

World Nomads is popular with younger, active travelers because of its flexibility and adventure-activities coverage on the Explorer plan. Unlike many policies offered by other providers, you don't need to estimate prepaid costs when purchasing the insurance to have access to trip interruption and cancellation insurance.

World Nomads offers two single-trip plans.

allianz business travel insurance

World Nomads has a page dedicated to coronavirus coverage , so be sure to view it before buying a policy.

World Nomads won't cover losses incurred because of a preexisting medical condition (except emergency evacuation and repatriation of remains) that existed within 90 days of the coverage effective date. Unlike many other providers, World Nomads doesn't offer a waiver.

  • World Nomads' policies cover more adventure sports than most providers, so activities such as bungee jumping are included. The Explorer policy covers almost any adventure sport, including skydiving, stunt flying and caving. So, if you partake in adventure sports while traveling, the Explorer policy may be a good fit.
  • World Nomads' policies provide nonmedical evacuation coverage for transportation expenses if there is civil or political unrest in the country you are visiting. The coverage may also transport you home if there is an eligible natural disaster or a government expels you.

Purchase your policy here: World Nomads .

Other options for buying travel insurance

allianz business travel insurance

This guide details the policies of eight providers with the information available at the time of publication. There are many options when it comes to travel insurance, though. To compare different policies quickly, you can use a travel insurance aggregator like InsureMyTrip to search. Just note that these search engines won't show every policy and every provider, and you should still research the provided policies to ensure the coverage fits your trip and needs.

You can also purchase a plan through various membership associations, such as USAA, AAA or Costco. Typically, these organizations partner with a specific provider, so if you are a member of any of these associations, you may want to compare the policies offered through the organization with other policies to get the best coverage for your trip.

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Is travel insurance worth getting?

Whether you should purchase travel insurance is a personal decision. Suppose you use a credit card that provides travel insurance for most of your expenses and have medical insurance that provides adequate coverage abroad. In that case, you may be covered enough on most trips to forgo purchasing travel insurance.

However, suppose your medical insurance won't cover you at your destination and you can't comfortably cover a sizable medical evacuation bill or last-minute flight home . In that case, you should consider purchasing travel insurance. If you travel frequently, buying an annual multi-trip policy may be worth it.

What is the best COVID-19 travel insurance?

allianz business travel insurance

There are various aspects to keep in mind in the age of COVID-19. Consider booking travel plans that are fully refundable or have modest change or cancellation fees so you don't need to worry about whether your policy will cover trip cancellation. This is important since many standard comprehensive insurance policies won't reimburse your insured expenses in the event of cancellation if it's related to the fear of traveling due to COVID-19.

However, if you book a nonrefundable trip and want to maintain the ability to get reimbursed (up to 75% of your insured costs) if you choose to cancel, you should consider buying a comprehensive travel insurance policy and then adding optional cancel for any reason protection. Just note that this benefit is time-sensitive and has eligibility requirements, so not all travelers will qualify.

Providers will often require CFAR purchasers insure the entire dollar amount of their travels to receive the coverage. Also, many CFAR policies mandate that you must cancel your plans and notify all travel suppliers at least 48 hours before your scheduled departure.

Likewise, if your primary health insurance won't cover you while on your trip, it's essential to consider whether medical expenses related to COVID-19 treatment are covered. You may also want to consider a MedJet medical transport membership if your trip is to a covered destination for coronavirus-related evacuation.

Ultimately, the best pandemic travel insurance policy will depend on your trip details, travel concerns and your willingness to self-insure. Just be sure to thoroughly read and understand any terms or exclusions before purchasing.

What are the different types of travel insurance?

allianz business travel insurance

Whether you purchase a comprehensive travel insurance policy or rely on the protections offered by select credit cards, you may have access to the following types of coverage:

  • Baggage delay protection may reimburse for essential items and clothing when a common carrier (such as an airline) fails to deliver your checked bag within a set time of your arrival at a destination. Typically, you may be reimbursed up to a particular amount per incident or per day.
  • Lost/damaged baggage protection may provide reimbursement to replace lost or damaged luggage and items inside that luggage. However, valuables and electronics usually have a relatively low maximum benefit.
  • Trip delay reimbursement may provide reimbursement for necessary items, food, lodging and sometimes transportation when you're delayed for a substantial time while traveling on a common carrier such as an airline. This insurance may be beneficial if weather issues (or other covered reasons for which the airline usually won't provide compensation) delay you.
  • Trip cancellation and interruption protection may provide reimbursement if you need to cancel or interrupt your trip for a covered reason, such as a death in your family or jury duty.
  • Medical evacuation insurance can arrange and pay for medical evacuation if deemed necessary by the insurance provider and a medical professional. This coverage can be particularly valuable if you're traveling to a region with subpar medical facilities.
  • Travel accident insurance may provide a payment to you or your beneficiary in the case of your death or dismemberment.
  • Emergency medical insurance may provide payment or reimburse you if you must seek medical care while traveling. Some plans only cover emergency medical care, but some also cover other types of medical care. You may need to pay a deductible or copay.
  • Rental car coverage may provide a collision damage waiver when renting a car. This waiver may reimburse for collision damage or theft up to a set amount. Some policies also cover loss-of-use charges assessed by the rental company and towing charges to take the vehicle to the nearest qualified repair facility. You generally need to decline the rental company's collision damage waiver or similar provision to be covered.

Should I buy travel health insurance?

allianz business travel insurance

If you purchase travel with credit cards that provide various trip protections, you may not see much need for additional travel insurance. However, you may still wonder whether you should buy travel medical insurance.

If your primary health insurance covers you on your trip, you may not need travel health insurance. Your domestic policy may not cover you outside the U.S., though, so it's worth calling the number on your health insurance card if you have coverage questions. If your primary health insurance wouldn't cover you, it's likely worth purchasing travel medical insurance. After all, as you can see above, travel medical insurance is often very modestly priced.

How much does travel insurance cost?

Travel insurance costs depend on various factors, including the provider, the type of coverage, your trip cost, your destination, your age, your residency and how many travelers you want to insure. That said, a standard travel insurance plan will generally set you back somewhere between 4% and 10% of your total trip cost. However, this can get lower for more basic protections or become even higher if you include add-ons like cancel for any reason protection.

The best way to determine how much travel insurance will cost is to price out your trip with a few providers discussed in the guide. Or, visit an insurance aggregator like InsureMyTrip to quickly compare options across multiple providers.

When and how to get travel insurance

allianz business travel insurance

For the most robust selection of available travel insurance benefits — including time-sensitive add-ons like CFAR protection and waivers of preexisting conditions for eligible travelers — you should ideally purchase travel insurance on the same day you make your first payment toward your trip.

However, many plans may still offer a preexisting conditions waiver for those who qualify if you buy your travel insurance within 14 to 21 days of your first trip expense or deposit (this time frame may vary by provider). If you don't need a preexisting conditions waiver or aren't interested in CFAR coverage, you can purchase travel insurance once your departure date nears.

You must purchase coverage before it's needed. Some travel medical plans are available for purchase after you have departed, but comprehensive plans that include medical coverage must be purchased before departing.

Additionally, you can't buy any medical coverage once you require medical attention. The same applies to all travel insurance coverage. Once you recognize the need, it's too late to protect your trip.

Once you've shopped around and decided upon the best travel insurance plan for your trip, you should be able to complete your purchase online. You'll usually be able to download your insurance card and the complete policy shortly after the transaction is complete.

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Bottom line

Not all travel insurance policies and providers are equal. Before buying a plan, read and understand the policy documents. By doing so, you can choose a plan that's appropriate for you and your trip — including the features that matter most to you.

For example, if you plan to go skiing or rock climbing, make sure the policy you buy doesn't contain exclusions for these activities. Likewise, if you're making two back-to-back trips during which you'll be returning home for a short time in between, be sure the plan doesn't terminate coverage at the end of your first trip.

If you're looking to cover a sudden recurrence of a preexisting condition, select a policy with a preexisting condition waiver and fulfill the requirements for the waiver. After all, buying insurance won't help if your policy doesn't cover your losses.

Disclaimer : This information is provided by IMT Services, LLC ( ), a licensed insurance producer (NPN: 5119217) and a member of the Tokio Marine HCC group of companies. IMT's services are only available in states where it is licensed to do business and the products provided through may not be available in all states. All insurance products are governed by the terms in the applicable insurance policy, and all related decisions (such as approval for coverage, premiums, commissions and fees) and policy obligations are the sole responsibility of the underwriting insurer. The information on this site does not create or modify any insurance policy terms in any way. For more information, please visit .

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Allianz Travel Insurance Coverage Review — Is It Worth It?

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Allianz Travel Insurance Coverage Review — Is It Worth It?

Why Purchase Travel Insurance

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We may be compensated when you click on product links, such as credit cards, from one or more of our advertising partners. Terms apply to the offers below. See our Advertising Policy for more about our partners, how we make money, and our rating methodology. Opinions and recommendations are ours alone.

There are a lot of choices when it comes to travel insurance companies , so narrowing your selection to those that have a solid financial rating, offer products that provide good value, and receive high customer ratings should be baseline criteria.

Allianz Global Assistance company ( Allianz Travel) checks all of those boxes. Its parent company, Allianz SE, receives an A+ rating from A.M. Best (a leading insurance financial rating firm), and the company offers competitive individual trip and annual travel insurance products. It also serves over 45 million customers in the U.S. each year with 84% of those customers giving the company a 5-star rating.

Allianz has also been around a long time. In fact, the company was there to insure the Wright Brothers’ first flight and the construction of the Golden Gate Bridge — so you know you’re working with an established organization. You’ll also find that Allianz does business in more than 35 countries.

Let’s take a look specifically at Allianz Travel’s insurance products, show you how to obtain a quote, and give you some tips on purchasing and comparing travel insurance policies.

And while our focus is on Allianz Travel coverage, much of our information can apply to purchasing travel insurance in general.

Travel insurance can protect your trip investment with coverage for disruption due to unforeseen events such as severe weather, should you become ill, for illness in your family, missed connections, medical emergencies, and more.

Deciding whether to purchase travel insurance for your trip is an option each time you make a travel booking. The coverage is commonly offered by airlines, cruise companies, tour operators and other travel providers at the point of sale. If you travel infrequently and the cost is relatively low, you may just opt for the coverage during the booking process.

However, if you’re going to be taking several trips, you may be able to save money and receive better coverage if you compare with other travel insurance policies in the marketplace. Additionally, you’ll want to determine if it makes sense to purchase single insurance coverage for each trip or an annual all-trips-included policy.

Situations where it makes sense to purchase travel insurance include the following:

  • You’re booking an expensive trip that includes a lot of non-refundable upfront expenses
  • Your trip includes several travel providers (i.e. airlines, hotels, and tour operators)

While travel insurance is meant to cover unforeseen events, purchasing Cancel for Any Reason coverage may allow you to cancel your trip for any reason.

Bottom Line: If you’re uncomfortable with the amount of money you have at risk when you travel, securing travel insurance can provide immediate peace of mind . You’ll have solace in knowing that if you needed to cancel your travel plans due to a covered event or if your travel is disrupted, you’ll be able to recoup most, or all, of your investment.

Travel Insurance and the COVID-19 Virus

Most travel insurance policies do not provide coverage for trip cancellation due to fear of the coronavirus pandemic . However, COVID-19 is an included illness on many travel insurance policies as it relates to certain coverages such as emergency medical care while traveling and canceling a trip if you become ill with the virus. You may also have coverage if a family member or travel companion contracts the virus and you must cancel your trip as a result.

The only way to cover trip cancellations due to fear of contracting COVID-19 is to purchase Cancel for Any Reason insurance. This coverage can be added to a comprehensive travel insurance policy (with limitations) and subsequently allows you to cancel your trip for any reason.

While Allianz does not offer Cancel for Any Reason insurance , it may cover COVID-19 related illness in the following circumstances:

  • Emergency medical care while traveling
  • Trip cancellation due to becoming ill with the virus

Allianz recently announced that it is adding a new endorsement to select policies that will offer limited coverage for COVID-19 . Circumstances such as becoming ill with COVID-19 and having to cancel your trip, hospitalization, and trip delays due to such illness while traveling will have coverage.

Emergency transportation coverage has also been expanded to include COVID-19-related illness. Terms and conditions apply and the endorsement is not available on all policies Allianz offers.

You can find policies that offer Cancel for Any Reason insurance at  and .

Bottom Line: Travel insurance policies normally do not cover canceling your trip because of fear you might get ill. However, Cancel for Any Reason insurance allows you to cancel a trip for any reason you determine is necessary. 

Types of Travel Insurance Policies Available With Allianz

Allianz Travel offers 2 core types of travel insurance plans: single trip plans and multi-trip plans . Each plan allows you to select the level of coverage you want and subsequently, the level of premium you prefer to pay.

We’ve used criteria to obtain a quote for a traveler age 35, traveling for 1 week to Mexico on a trip costing $3,000 . All benefits are per person, per trip, unless otherwise noted.

The single trip option allows you to select from a Basic, Prime, or Premier plan. Premiums vary by plan and coverage levels.  For the example we selected, the premiums ranged from  $116 for the Basic to $192 for the Premier pla n .

OneTrip Basic Plan — the Most Affordable Plan

The OneTrip Basic plan offers basic trip protection at an affordable price.

OneTrip Prime Plan — the Most Popular Plan

Need more coverage but still want your travel insurance protection to be affordable? The OneTrip Prime plan offers higher coverage limits at a reasonable cost.

The following are the maximum coverage limits for OneTrip plans. These coverages can be found under the OneTrip Premier Plan:

  • Trip Cancellation —  up to $100,000 reimbursement for prepaid non-refundable expenses; pre-existing medical conditions included
  • Trip Interruption —  up to $150,000 reimburses for remaining non-recoverable expenses and increased cost of return transport due to trip interruption as the result of a covered event; pre-existing medical conditions included
  • Emergency Medical — up to $25,000
  • Emergency Medical Transportation — up to $500,000 for transportation to the nearest medical facility
  • Baggage Loss/Damage — up to $1,000 for theft, loss, or damage
  • Baggage Delay —  up to $300 for delays 12 hours or more
  • Trip Delay — up to $800 ($200/day for 4 days) for delays of 6 hours or more, for eligible expenses; an option to receive $100/day with no receipts required is also available
  • Change Fee Coverage — $500
  • Loyalty Program Re-deposit Fee Coverage — $500, covers re-deposit of points/miles due to covered trip cancellation
  • 24 Hour Hotline Assistance
  • Optional coverages include pre-existing medical coverage, rental car coverage, and required to work coverage — restrictions apply

Also worth noting is that kids age 17 and under are covered at no additional charge when traveling with a parent or grandparent.

Bottom Line: Allianz offers several levels of single-trip travel insurance plans that can fit every budget and level of coverage needed. 

If you’re a frequent traveler and want to ensure all of your trips are covered without having to purchase individual travel insurance policies, one of the AllTrips plans might be an appropriate choice. All of the trips you book within the 12-month policy period are covered automatically.

Coverage limits are per person, per trip, but more than 1 person can be included in the policy. Children 17 and under are covered at no additional charge when traveling with a parent or grandparent.

The AllTrips Executive plan is the most comprehensive policy and includes the maximum coverage limits listed below . AllTrips Prime and AllTrips Basic have less coverage than the Executive plan but may still be appropriate for your situation.

For example, the AllTips Basic plan does not include trip cancellation/interruption insurance but has emergency medical, evacuation, trip delay, baggage insurance, and car rental insurance.

  • Trip Cancellation —  up to $10,000 reimbursement for prepaid non-refundable expenses
  • Trip Interruption —  up to $10,000 reimburses for remaining non-recoverable expenses and increased cost of return transport due to trip interruption as the result of a covered event
  • Emergency Medical — up to$50,000
  • Emergency Medical Transportation — up to $250,000 for transportation to the nearest medical facility
  • Baggage Loss/Damage —  up to $1,000 for theft, loss, or damage
  • Baggage Delay — up to $1,000 for delays 12 hours or more
  • Trip Delay —  up to $200 per day for eligible expenses, up to $1,600 in coverage , for delays of 6 hours or more
  • Rental Car Damage and Theft — up to $45,000
  • Business Equipment Coverage — up to $1,000
  • Change Fee Coverage — up to $500
  • Loyalty Program Redeposit Fee — up to $500
  • Travel Accident Insurance — up to $50,000
  • Concierge Services
  • Optional Pre-Existing Medical Coverage — restrictions apply

Bottom Line: Allianz’s AllTrips 12-month plans offer affordable options to cover every trip you have booked or have yet to book within a 12-month period. 

Travel insurance is one of the easiest policies for which to obtain a quote and subsequently purchase a policy. Unlike auto or home insurance, you simply input some basic information about your trip, your age, where you reside, and your quote is instant.

You can then read through the coverages, select a policy that fits, and hit the purchase button. There is also no risk as you’ll have a free-look period where you can review the policy and decide whether to keep it or not.

If not, you can get a full refund. This period can be 10-14 days after purchase , depending on your plan and state regulations.

Additional Travel Insurance Offered by Allianz

In addition to the travel insurance packages offered by Allianz, you can purchase these additional plans and coverages available for single trips:

If trip interruption/cancellation is not important to you, you’ll find this plan with emergency medical, baggage insurance , emergency transport, travel accident coverage , and trip delay an affordable alternative.

If you need to cancel your trip for a covered reason or your trip is interrupted for a covered event, you’ll have coverage. Trip delay and 24-hour assistance are included.

For $9 per day, receive rental car damage/theft coverage, rental car trip interruption protection, and baggage loss coverage.

Hot Tip: If trip cancellation/interruption or trip delay coverage comes with your credit card is adequate for your trip but you want additional medical coverage, the Allianz’s OneTrip Emergency Medical plan may be a viable and affordable supplement. 

How Allianz Compares

When it comes to comparing travel insurance policies, it’s difficult to match apples to apples. Coverages vary widely, as well as terms and conditions. The lowest-priced policy is not always the best value for your needs. The flip side is possible, too. You may find a policy with plenty of coverage at a price that is more than you want to spend.

The best solution is when you find a balance between coverage and cost.

Here’s how Allianz’s travel insurance offerings compare with other travel insurance options.

The coverage that comes with your credit card does not compare with a comprehensive travel insurance policy . In addition to the limited travel insurance coverage credit cards offer, if you do have a claim, you’ll have the potential hassle of dealing with a third-party claims administrator.

With that being said, the trip cancellation, trip interruption, trip delay insurance, and primary rental car insurance coverages found on several credit cards may be more than adequate for your trip.

Here are some of the best credit cards for travel insurance:

The Platinum Card ® from American Express

The Platinum Card® from American Express

This card is undoubtedly the #1 card for luxury travel benefits. From the best lounge access (of any card) to statement credits, to complimentary elite status, you can’t go wrong.

When it comes to cards that offer top-notch benefits, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better card out there than The Platinum Card ® from American Express.

Make no mistake — the Amex Platinum card  is a premium card with a premium price tag. With amazing benefits like best-in-class airport lounge access , hotel elite status, and tremendous value in annual statement credits, it can easily prove to be one of the most lucrative cards in your wallet year after year.

  • The best airport lounge access out of any card (by far) — enjoy access to over 1,400 worldwide lounges, including the luxurious Amex Centurion Lounges, Priority Pass lounges, Plaza Premium Lounges, and many more!
  • 5x points per $1 spent on flights purchased directly with the airline or with American Express Travel (up to $500,000 per year)
  • 5x points per $1 spent on prepaid hotels booked with American Express Travel
  • Annual and monthly statement credits upon enrollment ( airline credit, Uber Cash credit, Saks Fifth Avenue credit, streaming credit, prepaid hotel credit on eligible stays, Walmart+ credit, CLEAR credit, and Equinox credit )
  • TSA PreCheck or Global Entry credit
  • Access to American Express Fine Hotels and Resorts
  • Access to Amex International Airline Program
  • No foreign transaction fees ( rates and fees )
  • $695 annual fee ( rates and fees )
  • Airline credit does not cover airfare (only incidentals like checked bags)
  • Earn 80,000 Membership Rewards ® Points after you spend $8,000 on purchases on your new Card in your first 6 months of Card Membership. Apply and select your preferred metal Card design: classic Platinum Card ® , Platinum x Kehinde Wiley, or Platinum x Julie Mehretu.
  • Earn 5X Membership Rewards ® Points for flights booked directly with airlines or with American Express Travel up to $500,000 on these purchases per calendar year and earn 5X Membership Rewards ® Points on prepaid hotels booked with American Express Travel.
  • $200 Hotel Credit: Get up to $200 back in statement credits each year on prepaid Fine Hotels + Resorts ® or The Hotel Collection bookings with American Express Travel when you pay with your Platinum Card ® . The Hotel Collection requires a minimum two-night stay.
  • $240 Digital Entertainment Credit: Get up to $20 back in statement credits each month on eligible purchases made with your Platinum Card ® on one or more of the following: Disney+, a Disney Bundle, ESPN+, Hulu, The New York Times, Peacock, SiriusXM, and The Wall Street Journal. Enrollment required.
  • $155 Walmart+ Credit: Cover the cost of a $12.95 monthly Walmart+ membership (subject to auto-renewal) with a statement credit after you pay for Walmart+ each month with your Platinum Card ® . Cost includes $12.95 plus applicable local sales tax. Plus Up Benefits are excluded.
  • $200 Airline Fee Credit: Select one qualifying airline and then receive up to $200 in statement credits per calendar year when incidental fees are charged by the airline to your Platinum Card ® .
  • $200 Uber Cash: Enjoy Uber VIP status and up to $200 in Uber savings on rides or eats orders in the US annually. Uber Cash and Uber VIP status is available to Basic Card Member only.
  • $300 Equinox Credit: Get up to $300 back in statement credits per calendar year on an Equinox membership, or an Equinox club membership (subject to auto-renewal) when you pay with your Platinum Card ® . Enrollment required. Visit to enroll.
  • $189 CLEAR ® Plus Credit: Breeze through security with CLEAR Plus at 100+ airports, stadiums, and entertainment venues nationwide and get up to $189 back per calendar year on your Membership (subject to auto-renewal) when you use your Platinum Card ® . Learn more.
  • $100 Global Entry Credit: Receive either a $100 statement credit every 4 years for a Global Entry application fee or a statement credit up to $85 every 4.5 years for a TSA PreCheck ® (through a TSA official enrollment provider) application fee, when charged to your Platinum Card ® . Card Members approved for Global Entry will also receive access to TSA PreCheck at no additional cost.
  • Shop Saks with Platinum: Get up to $100 in statement credits annually for purchases in Saks Fifth Avenue stores or at on your Platinum Card ® . That's up to $50 in statement credits semi-annually. Enrollment required.
  • $300 SoulCycle At-Home Bike Credit: Get a $300 statement credit for the purchase of a SoulCycle at-home bike with your Platinum Card ® . An Equinox+ subscription is required to purchase a SoulCycle at-home bike and access SoulCycle content. Must charge full price of bike in one transaction. Shipping available in the contiguous U.S. only. Enrollment Required.
  • Unlock access to exclusive reservations and special dining experiences with Global Dining Access by Resy when you add your Platinum Card ® to your Resy profile.
  • $695 annual fee.
  • Terms Apply.

Financial Snapshot

  • APR: See Pay Over Time APR
  • Foreign Transaction Fees: None

Card Categories

  • Credit Card Reviews
  • Credit Cards
  • Travel Rewards Credit Cards
  • Best Sign Up Bonuses

Rewards Center

American Express Membership Rewards

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The Amex Platinum card comes with trip cancellation and trip interruption insurance with a benefit of $10,000 per trip, up to a maximum of $20,000 per account per 12-month period.

Pay for your trip with your eligible card and you, your immediate family, and eligible traveling companions are covered for non-refundable expenses paid to the travel provider. Trip interruption coverage will also reimburse for additional travel expenses incurred due to a covered loss during your trip.

Trip delay coverage is also included on the Amex Platinum card for delays more than 6 hours. Reimbursement for incidentals and eligible incurred expenses is limited to $500 per trip with 2 claims allowed per 12-month period.

The Amex Platinum card also comes with emergency medical evacuation coverage .

For more information, check out our detailed guide to the travel insurance benefits offered by the Amex Platinum card.

Chase Sapphire Preferred ® Card

Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card

A fantastic travel card with a huge welcome offer, good benefits, and perks for a moderate annual fee.

The Chase Sapphire Preferred ® card is one of the best travel rewards cards on the market. Its bonus categories include travel, dining, online grocery purchases, and streaming services, which gives you the opportunity to earn lots of bonus points on these purchases.

Additionally, it offers flexible point redemption options, no foreign transaction fees, and excellent travel insurance coverage including primary car rental insurance . With benefits like these, it’s easy to see why this card is an excellent choice for any traveler.

  • 5x points on all travel booked via the Chase Ultimate Rewards portal
  • 5x points on select Peloton purchases over $250 (through March 31, 2025)
  • 5x points on Lyft purchases (through March 31, 2025)
  • 3x points on dining purchases, online grocery purchases, and select streaming services
  • 2x points on all other travel worldwide
  • $50 annual credit on hotel stays booked through the Chase Ultimate Rewards portal
  • 6 months of complimentary Instacart+ (activate by July 31, 2024), plus up to $15 in statement credits each quarter through July 2024
  • Excellent travel and car rental insurance
  • 10% annual bonus points
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • 1:1 point transfer to leading airline and hotel loyalty programs like United MileagePlus and World of Hyatt
  • Complimentary Spot Club Platinum status with The Parking Spot for 2 years, 20% off of your first reservation, and points for 1 free day of parking (enroll by October 26, 2023)
  • $95 annual fee
  • No elite benefits like airport lounge access or hotel elite status
  • Earn 60,000 bonus points after you spend $4,000 on purchases in the first 3 months from account opening. That's $750 when you redeem through Chase Ultimate Rewards ® .
  • Enjoy benefits such as 5x on travel purchased through Chase Ultimate Rewards ® , 3x on dining, and 2x on all other travel purchases, and $50 annual Ultimate Rewards Hotel Credit, plus more.
  • Get 25% more value when you redeem for airfare, hotels, car rentals and cruises through Chase Ultimate Rewards ® . For example, 60,000 points are worth $750 toward travel.
  • Count on Trip Cancellation/Interruption Insurance, Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver, Lost Luggage Insurance and more.
  • Get complimentary access to DashPass which unlocks $0 delivery fees and lower service fees for a minimum of one year when you activate by December 31, 2024.
  • Member FDIC

Chase Ultimate Rewards

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Pay for your trip with your eligible card for up to $10,000 in coverage per person, $20,000 per trip, and up to $40,000 in a 12-month period. You and your qualifying immediate family are covered.

You’ll also find primary car rental insurance on the Chase Sapphire Preferred card and the Chase Sapphire Reserve ® card .

To learn more about the travel insurance benefits on the Chase Sapphire Preferred card , you’ll want to review this detailed article.

Chase Sapphire Reserve ® Card

Chase Sapphire Reserve®

Chase Sapphire Reserve ®

A top player in the high-end premium travel credit card space that earns 3x points on travel and dining while offering top luxury perks.

If you’re looking for an all-around excellent travel rewards card, the Chase Sapphire Reserve ®  is one of the best options out there.

The card combines elite travel benefits and perks like airport lounge access , with excellent point earning and redemption options.  Plus it offers top-notch travel insurance protections to keep you covered whether you’re at home or on the road.

Don’t forget the $300 annual travel credit which really helps to reduce the annual fee!

  • 10x points on car rentals, hotels, and dining booked via the Chase Ultimate Rewards portal
  • 10x points on Lyft purchases March 31, 2025
  • 10x points on Peloton equipment and accessory purchases over $250 through March 31, 2025
  • 5x points on airfare booked via the Chase Ultimate Rewards portal
  • 3x points on all other travel and dining purchases; 1x point on all other purchases
  • $300 annual travel credit
  • Priority Pass airport lounge access
  • TSA PreCheck, Global Entry, or NEXUS credit
  • Access to Chase Luxury Hotel and Resort Collection
  • Rental car elite status with National and Avis
  • $550 annual fee
  • Does not offer any sort of hotel elite status
  • Earn 60,000 bonus points after you spend $4,000 on purchases in the first 3 months from account opening. That's $900 toward travel when you redeem through Chase Ultimate Rewards ®
  • $300 Annual Travel Credit as reimbursement for travel purchases charged to your card each account anniversary year.
  • Earn 5x total points on flights and 10x total points on hotels and car rentals when you purchase travel through Chase Ultimate Rewards ® immediately after the first $300 is spent on travel purchases annually. Earn 3x points on other travel and dining & 1 point per $1 spent on all other purchases
  • Get 50% more value when you redeem your points for travel through Chase Ultimate Rewards ® . For example, 60,000 points are worth $900 toward travel
  • 1:1 point transfer to leading airline and hotel loyalty programs
  • Access to 1,300+ airport lounges worldwide after an easy, one-time enrollment in Priority Pass™ Select and up to $100 application fee credit every four years for Global Entry, NEXUS, or TSA PreCheck ®
  • Count on Trip Cancellation/Interruption Insurance, Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver, Lost Luggage Insurance and more
  • Chase Sapphire Reserve 100k Bonus Offer
  • Chase Sapphire Reserve Benefits
  • Chase Sapphire Reserve Airport Lounge Access
  • Chase Sapphire Reserve Travel Insurance Benefits
  • Chase Sapphire Reserve Military Benefits
  • Amex Gold vs Chase Sapphire Reserve

In addition to the same trip cancellation/interruption/delay coverage as the Chase Sapphire Preferred card, the Chase Sapphire Reserve card offers up to $2,500 in emergency dental and medical coverage , emergency medical evacuation .

For more information check out this guide to all of the travel insurance benefits offered by the Sapphire Reserve.

Before purchasing any travel insurance policy, it’s wise to compare — fortunately that’s an easy task to execute. With comparison sites such as the ones listed here, you can compare as many as 100 travel insurance policies very quickly and find a policy that fits your situation and budget.

Keep in mind that insurance rates and coverages are highly regulated by the states . Insurance companies file a certain policy for a certain price with the state insurance commission, then the company is allowed to offer that policy, at that price, in that state.

For this reason, you won’t find the same policy offered at different prices. However, you could find a policy that is a better fit and possibly for less money by comparing several companies’ offerings.

Not all comparison sites include Allianz but when comparing similar policies, you’ll find that the company is competitively priced (a few companies lower and many companies higher). Individual results will vary based on your criteria.

Here are 4 websites that allow you to easily compare travel insurance policies.

  • Insure My Trip — With over 60,000 customer reviews, 21 highly-rated travel insurance providers, and a best price guarantee, Insure My Trip makes it easy to find the right travel insurance policy.
  • — Compare major top-rated travel insurance company policies easily with this licensed online insurance search engine.
  • SquareMouth — This popular travel insurance search engine offers easy comparisons of hundreds of policies offered by dozens of highly-rated insurance companies.
  • Aardy — AardvarkCompare is a licensed travel insurance company with agents on staff to help you find the right travel insurance policy. Its website allows you to compare the policies of over 30 travel insurance providers.

There are also specialty companies such as World Nomads  that do a great job providing travel insurance for active individuals. If you’re into outdoor sports, adventure activities, or even more risky activities such as skydiving, you can find coverage through World Nomads.

Bottom Line: If you’re looking to purchase a travel insurance policy, you’ll want to compare companies and policies . First, look at companies with a strong financial rating, select a policy with coverages that are a priority to you, then select a premium you’re comfortable paying. 

Allianz is actually one of the companies that provides the travel insurance you’re offered when you book a flight. An example is displayed in the above image of their offerings when you purchase a Delta Air Lines ticket.

Point-of-sale travel insurance, however, can run from inexpensive options that offer little coverage to expensive options that provide greater coverage but still have limitations, similar to stand-along travel insurance policies.

If you fly once or twice a year, the coverage is adequate for your needs, and the cost is reasonable, you may easily choose to go this route and purchase coverage at the point of sale. However, you may fare better by securing a separate travel insurance quote to compare coverage/cost.

Always read the fine print before purchasing any coverage to ensure you’re getting the coverage you expect. For example, one might assume by looking at this example that canceling the trip would be covered, when in reality the covered reasons are limited.

Bottom Line: Even for point-of-sale travel insurance to cover a single travel purchase, it’s good to get a comparison quote. Securing a quote may save you money while offering broader coverage that could cover your entire trip versus just a portion of it. 

Allianz is a solid, established, company offering a nice selection of packaged travel insurance products. Its website is easy to use with a quick quoting function and a simple purchase process. The site is also easy to understand as it is clearly written in plain language rather than legal verbiage.

One downside of Allianz is that the company does not sell Cancel for Any Reason Insurance . This is not an issue if you understand this up front and know that your policy does not allow you to cancel a trip for just any reason. After all, this is the case with most travel insurance — there are specific covered reasons for being able to cancel a trip and have coverage.

Cancel for Any Reason insurance can also result in a premium as much as 70% more than a standard policy, so many travelers may not consider it due to its cost.

If money is not a concern, you can purchase as much insurance as you’d like to have. However, in reality, purchasing travel insurance that works for you involves finding a balance between the coverage you want and the maximum premium you’re willing to pay.

Allianz is a respected company that offers a variety of policy choices with appropriate coverage for the majority of travelers at price points that fit most budgets.

All information and content provided by Upgraded Points is intended as general information and for educational purposes only, and should not be interpreted as medical advice or legal advice. For more information, see our  Medical & Legal Disclaimers .

For rates and fees of The Platinum Card ® from American Express, click here .

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it can be worth it. If you are uncomfortable with the amount of money you would lose or be forced to pay in the event you had to cancel your trip or if you incurred disruption while traveling, you should purchase travel insurance.

An inexpensive trip or single flight may not warrant purchasing travel insurance, but insuring an expensive or complicated trip where you have a lot of non-refundable prepaid expenses at risk makes economic sense.

Travel insurance also provides the intangible benefit of peace of mind, knowing you are protected if you have to cancel due to a covered event or your trip is disrupted once in motion.

There are limited covered reasons for receiving a benefit from trip cancellation insurance. The number 1 reason most travelers cancel their trips, according to , is the unforeseen illness of the traveler or of family members.

Fortunately, this is a covered reason for trip cancellation, although the level of coverage varies by company and policy.

Additional covered reasons can include death, hospitalization, or accident to you or covered family, legal obligations, your home becomes uninhabitable, the default of the travel provider, or natural disaster.

Deciding not to take a trip is not a covered reason for trip cancellation. Cancel for Any Reason insurance must be purchased in order to cover canceling a trip for a reason you personally deem necessary.

Yes, travel insurance can cover flight cancellations in certain circumstances and depending on the policy purchased.

However, if an airline cancels your flight, whether prior to travel or during your travels, you would first contact the airline or the agency where you purchased your ticket for rebooking, a refund, or travel credit.

If you are not made whole, you could then look for coverage in your travel insurance policy.

If a flight is canceled due to weather during your travels, for example, and you are forced to incur unexpected expenses as a result, you could have coverage under a travel insurance policy if these expenses are not covered, or insufficiently covered, by the airline.

There could also be coverage under trip interruption/delay insurance if an airline cancels a flight and it causes you to miss ongoing travel which has been prepaid and is non-refundable.

The best travel insurance company will have a high financial rating from a respected insurance industry rating company such as A.M. Best, offer a selection of coverages that matches your protection priorities, and does this at a price you’re willing to pay.

You should check reviews as well, keeping in mind that most consumers want to pay the least amount of money they can at the time of purchase and by doing so, coverage can be sacrificed. When there’s a claim, it’s natural to want the highest degree of coverage, although that may not have been the level purchased.

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About Christine Krzyszton

Christine ran her own business developing and managing insurance and financial services. This stoked a passion for points and miles and she now has over 2 dozen credit cards and creates in-depth, detailed content for UP.


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Pairadasea trice.

September 30, 2020

I booked through Priceline for a hotel, before checking out there was an option to add Allianz travel insurance for $9. I purchased it to be safe all the while under the impression I may never even need it because I booked it and left for my hotel. I was sent an email saying that $6 was for the insurance and $3 was for their “awesome” customer service team so feel free to call for any questions or concerns. So I got to my hotel and they say that they have no rooms available. I’m told to take it up with whomever I purchased the room with, I called Allianz and they told me they did not cover overbookings. They should really be very clear about the few things that they do actually cover in unfortunate events. The only things they cover (pretty much) are military issues /delays, or medical issues and you would have to provide hospital records. So pretty much I paid for a room and insurance they refused to reimburse me of. I never even stayed in the room, I had to rebook with another hotel. I told them this and they had no sympathy. I think it’s a scam, they either don’t expect you to ever need them or a refund or they never intended on insuring you to begin with. Either way, make sure to read the fine print and do not purchase their insurance. You are better off without it. Save your coins.

I’ve never felt more vulnerable and helpless than I did at that moment when I trusted them to insure my safety and was left hanging. I’ve called and explained and discussed and was dismissed as if they never had any intention of resolving my issues or concerns to begin with. I paid for a room that I Uber’d to, only to be turned away. I had to rebook with another hotel after an already long night. I’m exhausted with this situation. Thank you for giving consumers a voice when businesses like such take them away.

February 02, 2021

Since the pandemic, Allianz Travel insurance is getting horrible reviews. We have used for years on cruise ship travel, but never again. Right now I have been waiting for almost 3 months for the return of the policy cost of $611. Phone calls are not getting returned and online communication is ignored. This was for a canceled cruise this January. Allianz was notified in November and two times after that, but no response. In late fall last year, we had another cruise canceled by the cruise line and Allianz refunded our insurance cost within 2 weeks. I actually think their travel insurance division is in a serious financial situation. They likely have millions of policies that need to be refunded and are writing few new policies as the pandemic continues.

June 14, 2021

Don’t buy this insurance, they don’t tell you that they don’t cover anything other than a medical reason. I purchased the insurance, the hotel could not accommodate us. When I tried to cancel, I couldn’t cancel because it wasn’t a medical reason and you need to show proof of it. So I lost over $200 because of this POS insurance.

October 18, 2021

My return flight was cancelled, delayed by 2 days. I called Allianz, they assured me they would reimburse the hotel cost. 6 weeks later, they haven’t even reviewed my claim and can’t give me an estimate of how much longer it will take. Ummm. What?

April 14, 2022

Allianz insurance is not reliable. We spent over $1200 on a policy for a baltic cruise that was canceled twice because of Covid and now because of war in the region. This company does not stand behind all its clients. Basically took our money and gave us nothing in return.

July 30, 2022

This company is the worst. They look for anything to deny a claim. I opened a claim on May 16. Since then I have supplied 10s of pages of documents. They still have not responded. I have opened a complaint with the California Insurance Commissioner. If you have had any issues with this company, the best way to get reimbursed is to file a complaint with your state insurance regulators. This company needs to be investigated for fraud.

Trina Torre

September 13, 2022

Do not ever purchase Allianz travel insurance. They cover NOTHING. I booked a trip to see my children & grandchild at Christmas 2021 & had to cancel two days prior due to my ex-husband being exposed to COVID. I was heartbroken. Allianz refused to refund without a doctor note. The representatives were an out of country call center & extremely rude & spiteful. Never, ever, again.

Oh gosh, Trina, sorry to hear of your frustration. Unfortunately, I’m afraid travel insurance wouldn’t normally cover that situation. Most policies just cover the insured getting ill, or an immediate family and/or traveling companions. And, even in those cases, documentation would be required.

Amanda Notz

October 10, 2022

Went to London during the heat wave in July. We were to take a train to Edinburgh but all trains were canceled (due to the excess heat). We couldn’t book a flight or car either. We had to cancel a three day planned trip. I paid Allianz Insurance $600 to cover my trip. I have sent in two sets of paperwork with no response. Forget the one answers.

October 25, 2022

My mother in law passed away while I was in Vancouver. Booked return flights and was assured they would be covered prior to purchase. Nope. Denied, though documentation was provided and requirements were met. Phone calls result in waiting for hours, only to be disconnected. Do not trust or use this company.

Terri Sandefur

December 01, 2022

FYI: Allianz Trip Insurance bought through American Airlines does not cover loss of accommodation. Just went through a lengthy process trying to get a claim approved and sending multiple documents, multiple times for them to tell me that loss of accommodation is not covered by my policy.

December 21, 2022

Took out Allianz travel insurance for an international trip to cover trip cancellation for any unforeseen circumstances not least Covid19. We live in a world now where cancelling trips is common because of pandemics, strikes, border control issues etc etc so Travel Insurance or flexible travel arrangement is a must. So the worst fear came true when my wife and I caught Covid a few days before our flight. We ordered Covid tests online and got them delivered and tested positive so went into self imposed quarantine as per CDC guidelines.. Took pictures of the positive Covid tests and settled into the horrible effects of Covid feeling at least we had insurance coverage or the airline (Virgin) would credit us so that we could re-book at a later date. Virgin only offered to refund the taxes which amounts to $400 of the $1450 cost of the flights or were going to charge $398 rebooking fee to change flights so we cancelled the flights. Thought I could use the travel insurance to cover the difference using trip cancellation coverage having caught Covid but we are told that we needed a physicians note putting us into quarantine and not our own proof of positive home test so basically we have lost just over $1000. Lesson to anyone wanting to travel out there. Be prepared to pay extra for either flexible air tickets or take out extra cost travel insurance with coverage for cancellation for anything. I guess we can add travel to the long list of things that have gone up massively in price all thanks to this pandemic!

Tracee Foster

May 19, 2023

It pains me to do this. I have been using this travel company for insurance since 2019 and have had 8 policies through them from basic to premier. I have made claims 2019 and in 2020. I had made a baggage claim on my last trip for damage done to my bag and it was deigned. The wheel on my luggage bag was damaged on pavement in a public place while on the way to the cruise port walking across the street. I was told my damage would not be covered because they have the loopholes in their policy that stats * Your plan requires you to take responsible steps to keep your baggage safe and intact and recover it if lost or stolen.

In other words, if you buy their policy’s and your baggage gets damaged in any way or lost and stolen, they will not replace it. They will use this loophole in their terms and conditions to not pay out on the policy. When I asked to provide me with an example of what would have been an expectable accident Where you see the client had taken responsible steps to make sure that it was safe and intact, that they would have paid out on representative refused to do so and when I asked if the wheel just happened to have fallen off, would that have been covered they would have called that wear and tear (I would agree that is wear and tear) I don’t know how I could have taken any more responsible steps while wheeling my luggage to make sure that didn’t happen.

The odd part is I had made a claim for this a long time ago and never had any issues back in 2019 the same thing happened to me. broken wheel and all on pavement due to a unseen pavement issue. I bet they did not have that clause in the contract then.

It saddened me to see a company use its terms in conditions in such a way they can weasel out of paying claims.

So even if your luggage is safe, secure in your possession and you have been walking on a good sidewalk, but your wheel got caught in a crack of pavement between another connecting path to the street. I guess that’s not an accident but wear and tear or you were not making sure your luggage was secure and safe which I don’t know any way one can really do that except to carry their bag fully which defeats the point of wheels. That is the answer you will receive from Allianz Global Assistance for all your luggage damage claim needs. I buy 2-3 policy’s a year that is several hundred dollars I will put into a company that doesn’t use terms and conditions to rob customers of their policy. I will suggest the one reading this review does the same.

May 21, 2023

Hi Tracee. Thanks for your input. I have deleted the link you provided as it did not link to the Federal Trade Commission as you stated but to a Canadian Facebook site.

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Reviews 4.3.

50,434 total

Most recent

Everything was fast and easy.

The process to submit a claim was fast and easy.

Date of experience : December 13, 2016

Our 2022 Transparency Report has landed

I found Allianz straight forward and easy to work with. I would like to thank them for making a bad situation better. I will always use them in the future.

Stolen baggage

Matter was reviewed quickly and were able to it resolved in timely manner

Reimbursement on claim

I was reimbursed on my claim in a timely and hassle free manner.

Easy process

The website was very informative and the instruction was very easy to follow. The process was very smooth and timely.

Got sick and cancelled my trip. Submitted claim it was approved in 3 days. I had check in hand one week later. Perfect

Fantastic service

I was unable to go on the trip due to military orders being changed. I filed a claim and it immediately was reviewed approved and a refund check for the full price was sent. I am really happy I purchased the insurance and will be sure to the next time I book as well. Very satisfied with their service and support. Thank you again!

They did their job

I submitted my paperwork online (by scanning docs with my phone) and 7-10 days later my claim was processed and approved. I received my check 2 weeks later.

Speedy Service

Had to cancel a trip due to health reasons, sent doctors letter and very quickly all resolved and refund sent for the ticket cancellation from the airlines. Very efficient!

Thankful for Allianz.

Quick response time, easy to file a claim if needed.

Absolutely terrible experience

Do not waste your time, money or energy on them. Their customer service is beyond terrible. Will never go through Allianz again.

Date of experience : December 12, 2016

It's a scam

I bought the trip insurance because I am in a middle of moving out of state but I needed to get to Atlanta for my daughter's graduation. I knew that the moving dates might fall through and I would need to fly out of a different city so I bought trip insurance so if that happened I would be protected. It did happen and when I called to see if they would help me, they claim it is a personal reason so they won't cover it. Moving dates falling through is just as personal as having an appendix removed. You have no control. This is a fraud and they are just taking your money. Do not BUY!!!!!

They'll take your money, then refuse to pay your claim. I bought this insurance through the JetBlue site in case I had to cancel. I canceled my flight due to a family emergency. They said they won't pay because my reason for cancelation was not covered by the policy.

Date of experience : December 08, 2016

Travel Insurance Experience

Several years ago we began purchasing travel experience whenever we traveled by air. This past August we purchased insurance for our trip that we had planned for October to the Outer Banks of NC. However, Hurricane Matthew had other plans for our vacation. Our accommodations in NC were cancelled before we were to depart. This meant that we had to cancel our flights to NC and return. The insurance needed specifics of our travel which I provided and they were very efficient in their reply and refund.

Date of experience : December 06, 2016

Glad We Purchased Travel Insurance

August, 2016 we purchased airline tickets for September and November, 2016 travel. Also bought Allianz insurance each time at a very reasonable cost. So glad we did! My husband and traveling partner suffered a stroke 3 days before the September travel. Followed online instructions for filing both claims. Received total payment of all tickets purchased for both travel dates. We will definitely purchase Allianz Travel Insurance in future travel purchases!!!

Date of experience : December 04, 2016

Allianz Global Travel Insurance

Due to my age and health issues, I take insurance when I fly and it is always Allianz. Through proper planning, I seldom if ever need to cancel or change my plans but I did in October 2016. The process was all done on-line from the initial form I had to complete to the scanning and forwarding of my medical records to support my cancelling my trip. Allainz was able to take care of any concerns or questions via email and they processed my claim within a matter of weeks. They are professional, accurate, and timely.

Date of experience : December 01, 2016

Good coverage and response

We purchased coverage for our international trip to Europe. We had late arrival of luggage in Paris. After 24 hrs, we contacted Allianz and was approved to purchase enough clothing for missing items. We did this and submitted a claim for reimbursement. Original receipts were attached along with the American Airlines certificate of delay. It was processed very quickly and professionally.

Very satisfied

Excellent experience with Allianz. They were quick to respond, process of filing was not difficult, and never given a hard time about my refund. Would absolutely recommend them.

Excellent service.

Had a claim for an injury. They paid the claim with no issues.



Allianz Care

Travel insurance from Allianz Assistance

Did you mean international health insurance.

Allianz Care provides dummy International Health Insurance which covers the individual for multi-country day-to-day medical care as well as longer-term medical care for example chronic illness, hospital stays, out-patient treatment and much more. International health insurance is designed for people who:

  • Are living abroad for a few months or years due to work, study or lifestyle.
  • Are based in their home country, but spend long periods of time abroad each year due to their work or lifestyle.
  • Are based in their home country, but want to be able to get medical treatment abroad because they believe the quality of medical care may be better than what’s available locally.

Flexicare Short-term international health insurance

allianz business travel insurance

Travel Insurance

Still not sure which option is the best .






Middle East  


New Zealand

New Zealand

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Allianz Leads with Clear, Innovative Travel Insurance!

Posted by Octavia Koo | Oct 26, 2023 | Headline News , Insurance | 0 |

Allianz Leads with Clear, Innovative Travel Insurance!

Under the visionary leadership of Damien Arthur, Executive Head of Travel at Allianz Partners, the company has embarked on a proactive and innovative journey to demystify insurance jargon, ensuring that customers have the knowledge and confidence they need to make informed decisions.

“We are standing at the forefront of a transformative shift in the travel insurance sector, leading with integrity and commitment to offer our customers a policy that is as transparent as it is practical,” Arthur articulated with a palpable sense of pride.

In their quest for clarity, Allianz Partners engaged the esteemed services of Plain Language Certified consultancy, a firm renowned for transforming complex language into accessible communication. This meticulous process weeded out perplexing jargon and scrutinized the contract for any terms that might be potentially prejudicial to the customers.

This rigorous commitment to transparency and customer-centricity culminated in Allianz Partners being awarded the Gold Certified Trustmark, an independent verification recognising their unparalleled support for plain language, marking a historic first for Australia’s travel insurance domain.

The company’s dedication to clarity is evident in the numerous ways they have simplified policy wording. Customers are now presented with a more tangible and straightforward understanding of their entitlements, transitioning to a dollar value limit across all product benefits. This strategic move eliminates the ambiguity often associated with the term ‘unlimited benefits’ and any sub-limits applied to these benefits.

Concretely, this means that benefit limits for Overseas Emergency Assistance and Overseas Medical and Hospital Expenses have been revised from Unlimited to a substantial $20 million for single and duo cover types and an impressive $40 million for family cover types. These figures are not arbitrary; they are the product of a decade of claims experience at Allianz Partners Australia, which has witnessed just three medical claims surpassing $1 million, with the highest claim recorded at $1.5 million.

“Our unwavering commitment to our customers remains steadfast. While the way we communicate our services is evolving, the quality and extent of our coverage are not compromised. We are on a continuous journey to enhance and adapt our plans to meet the ever-changing landscape of overseas emergency and medical needs,” Arthur confidently asserted.

To explore Allianz Partner’s renewed commitment to clarity and customer confidence, visit their transparently crafted travel insurance PDS at .

Written by: Octavia Koo


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allianz business travel insurance


allianz business travel insurance


allianz business travel insurance

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Study: Cruising Dominates Travel Advisor Bookings

Study: Cruising Dominates Travel Advisor Bookings

Cruising reigns supreme when it comes to travel agent bookings, according to a new survey of 9,000 travel advisors released by Allianz Partners during CruiseWorld , a conference that took place this week in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. (Note: CruiseWorld is produced by Northstar Travel Group , the parent company of TravelAge West).

More than half of agents surveyed say the majority of their bookings come from cruise: 27% of advisors say that cruising makes up 75-100% of cruise bookings; 25% say 51-75% of their bookings are from cruises; and 26% say 26-50% are from cruises. Only 6% say that less than 5% of their bookings come from cruises.

What Types of Cruises Are Travelers Booking?

When it comes to the type of cruises booked by these agents, ocean cruises are the clear leader, with 81% of agents booking them this past year. River cruises come second (16%), followed by expedition (2%) and themed cruises (1%). The expedition market shows strong potential for repeat cruisers, with 43% of expedition cruisers saying they will definitely book another voyage (and 39% of them report that they will probably book a repeat voyage).

Interest in cultural cruises is on the rise, with 35% of advisors seeing more interest in that cruise type. 

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Who Is Cruising?

Cruising is popular with groups, with 26% of agents reporting that they are selling more multigenerational groups than in recent years. Solo travel has risen 13%, and couples cruising has bumped up 12%. However, nearly half (49%) of advisors say they haven’t witnessed a difference in the number of travelers who are cruising overall. 

How Far in Advance Are These Trips Booked?

Forty percent of agents report that travelers are booking trips further out than they were in 2022, while 24% believe the booking window has shortened, and 36% think the booking window has remained the same. The most common booking window was six months to a year (52%), followed by three to six months (27%). Only 11% see the shortest booking window — departure within three months of booking. 

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Are cruisers buying travel insurance.

Travel advisors value the sale of travel insurance when selling cruises, with 92% of agents believing that their clients feel better protected when they have an Allianz policy, and 82% of agents reporting that their travelers feel more confident setting sail when they have a travel protection plan.

“When travel advisors help secure a cruise vacation with an Allianz Travel insurance policy, they provide travelers the ability to relax and focus on the adventure ahead, knowing they’re protected against covered, unexpected events that could ordinarily sink an unprotected travel budget,” said Dan Durazo, director of external communications for Allianz Partners USA.

How Can Travel Advisors Connect With Allianz?

In September, Allianz unveiled Allianz Advantage , a new self-service online portal for travel advisors. features training and educational materials, and features advisor success stories and answers to frequently asked questions on products, technology, partnerships and events (including virtual webinars). Allianz Advantage also serves as a gateway to AgentMax, QuoteMax and MaxMail.

Visitors to the website will first sign up to be a partner through the portal’s Become a Partner tool, which will allow them to begin offering travel insurance to their customers.

“We’re proud to offer some of the best travel insurance tools in the business, including our award-winning AgentMax online booking platform, marketing tools such as QuoteMax and MaxMail and our powerful new digital brochure platform,” said Richard Aquino, vice president and head of sales at Allianz Partners USA. “The new offers one-stop access to these tools and serves as the gateway to our Sherpa destinations guide, our new travel advisor handbook and the latest marketing resources for travel advisors.  Having all of these resources under one roof will allow our partners to effectively and efficiently offer travel insurance for the benefit of both their valued clients and their business.”

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This New Handbook Will Help Advisors Understand and Sell Allianz Travel Insurance

This New Handbook Will Help Advisors Understand and Sell Allianz Travel Insurance

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Reinsurance News

Next insurance enters partnerships with allstate and allianz x.

1st November 2023 - Author: Kassandra Jimenez-Sanchez

NEXT Insurance, a digital insurtech specialising in small businesses, has announced it has entered into strategic partnerships with US primary insurer Allstate, and Allianz X, an investor in digital frontrunners in ecosystems relevant to insurance and asset management.

allianz business travel insurance

Through this partnership, NEXT Insurance will provide its products to Allstate customers, expanding its footprint to even more small businesses nationwide.

As the needs of small business owners shift towards a more digitally-native insurance experience, the insurtech aims to use its digital-first, data-driven approach to modernise insurance and address the specific needs of small business owners that had previously been unmet.

“We founded NEXT because we saw an opportunity to help millions of small and microbusinesses across the U.S. and made it our mission to help entrepreneurs thrive,” said Guy Goldstein, CEO and co-founder of NEXT Insurance.

AmericanAg - Global Reinsurance Solutions

He continued: “Building on our existing support, we are excited to welcome Allianz X and Allstate as investors, deepen our reinsurance relationship with Allianz Re, and foster a meaningful partnership with Allstate to offer millions of their customers our one-stop-shop small business insurance offering.”

As part of the partnership, NEXT and Allstate will also co-develop innovative and unique commercial auto products to target a market of 33 million small businesses.

Mario Rizzo, President of Property-Liability at Allstate Insurance, commented: “Combining Allstate’s operational expertise, broad distribution network and strong brand awareness with NEXT’s capabilities will help NEXT’s unique platform bring new, innovative products to existing Allstate customers and the millions of underserved small businesses that want affordable, simple and connected protection.

“Together, we will meet the full insurance needs of small businesses, delivered on the platform of the future.”

Dr. Nazim Cetin, CEO of Allianz X, added: “Small businesses are fundamental to every economy. NEXT Insurance understands the needs of this group deeply, and it has developed cutting-edge technology to address their common pain points.

“With Allianz’ deep expertise in this sector and NEXT’s technology, we can further our joint goal of giving customers the courage and security to take on the future with confidence.”

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  1. What's the Best Business Travel Insurance?

    A solid business travel insurance plan gives you the protection and peace of mind you need to travel with confidence. Also, if you buy travel insurance, you can be covered even if you combine personal and business travel. Considering buying travel insurance in case your trip is affected by COVID-19?

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    Business Travel Insurance | Allianz Assistance Home Travel Insurance Business Business Travel Insurance GET A QUOTE What is business travel insurance? If you're planning a business trip, you should make sure you're protected in case something doesn't go to plan. With our business travel insurance policies, you can choose the perfect cover for you.

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    Whether you're traveling for leisure or business, you'll appreciate the benefits and coverage Allianz Travel Insurance plans can provide. With 24/7 support from our travel professionals around the world, we helped over 70 million people last year to protect themselves from the unpredictable. ALL PLANS SINGLE TRIP ANNUAL / MULTI-TRIP RENTAL CAR

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    There's coverage for business equipment as these plans are geared toward work travelers. Allianz single trip plans Allianz offers five travel insurance plans for single trips, including a...

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    Travel insurance can reimburse you for your prepaid, non-refundable trip costs — including vacation rentals, car rentals, hotels and flights — if you have to cancel for a covered reason. Travel delays leave you stranded. Travel insurance can reimburse you for eligible meals, accommodation and transportation expenses during a covered delay.

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    GeoBlue offers both single-trip and multi-trip policies for business travelers, international travelers and non-profit and humanitarian groups doing work in foreign countries. Teachers, students ...

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    International Travel Insurance Plans | Allianz Global Assistance Safer travel starts with travel protection SINGLE TRIP ANNUAL RENTAL CAR Travel Agent ACCAM? Country of Destination Travel Dates Age of Traveler State of Residence Total Trip Cost Calculate Your Trip Cost

  8. Annual Travel Insurance

    Our AllTrips Executive plan is suitable for the frequent business traveler who is interested in higher trip cancellation and interruption limits (tiered levels up to $10,000 annual maximum); lost, stolen or delayed baggage; and business equipment rental coverage. Learn More » AllTrips Premier Plan

  9. Allianz

    Leading the industry with the largest range of insurance products for both domestic and international land, air, and sea travel, we make it safer for your customers to explore, and simpler for you to exceed their expectations—before, during, and after their trip. Looking for a travel insurance plan? Get a quote at .

  10. Quote & Compare Travel Insurance

    you can rely on Allianz Travel Insurance to help make things right. SINGLE TRIP ANNUAL RENTAL CAR Whether you're planning a road trip, camping getaway or vacation rental, a OneTrip plan can help you journey there — and back — with confidence. Primary Destination (Country) Travel Dates Age of Traveler State of Residence Total Trip Cost

  11. Short Term Health Insurance for Business Travel

    for Business Travel Let's talk about getting your employees covered abroad! LET US CALL YOU Check our independent customer service reviews here Short term health insurance for employees travelling internationally Your teams are working digitally and remotely … and so should their health cover Covid-19 is re-shaping the way we work.

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    Yes Medical coverage limits: $75,000 Medical evacuation limits: $1 million per person Table of Contents Featured Partners What Does Allianz Travel Insurance Cover? Allianz Single-Trip...

  13. What Business Travel Insurance Is And Why To Get It

    Allianz Global Assistance is an Egencia Advantage Partner and provides travel insurance plans that protect travelers within the U.S. with up to 28 covered reasons for trip cancellation. Allianz also provides coverage in 15 countries in EMEA. Their assistance team is ready to help travelers on the road find help while traveling 24/7, any day of ...

  14. Airline Travel Insurance

    We can provide trip cancellation coverage, giving you cash back for up to 100% of your trip costs for reasons like: Termination by employer* Covered illness or injury of you or your traveling companions* Airlines stopping services for at least 24 hours due to natural disasters such as hurricanes, named severe storms, or earthquakes*

  15. Allianz Travel Insurance Review (2023)

    Allianz Customer Reviews. Allianz travel insurance holds 3.9 out of 5 stars from more than 30,000 reviews on Trustpilot. Many satisfied customers report that the claims process is simple and ...

  16. What is included in Business Travel Insurance

    Travel Security Services. Taking a holistic view of your wellbeing, our business travel insurance also includes 24/7 access to security services for advice and information on potential threats such as terrorism, civil unrest and severe weather risks. Before you travel:

  17. Allianz Travel Insurance Review 2023

    Travel delay, up to $200 per day per person for a maximum of $1000 for delays of six hours and beyond. Travel accident coverage, up to $10,000. Emergency medical transportation, up to $250,000 ...

  18. Allianz Trip Insurance − Plan travel − American Airlines

    Allianz Travel Insurance products are distributed by Allianz Global Assistance, the licensed producer and administrator of these plans and an affiliate of Jefferson Insurance Company. ... California Residents: We are doing business in California as Allianz Global Assistance Insurance Agency, License # 0B01400. California offers a toll-free ...

  19. Allianz Travel Review for November 2023

    Not as much for the money. We used a sample traveler profile of two 35-year-olds going to Mexico for a week, about six months in the future, and with a total cost of $3,000. We were given the choice among all three of Allianz' OneTrip plans, ranging in price from $130 to $286 for both people. We weren't really impressed by the coverage: even at ...

  20. The best travel insurance policies and providers

    For a single trip, multiple trips or long term. Covered by most policies. $15/25. IMG. Single trip or multiple trips (travel insurance and travel medical insurance options are available). Waived under set conditions for travel insurance; covered but capped for single-trip travel medical insurance. $17/$94.

  21. Allianz Travel Insurance Coverage Review

    Its parent company, Allianz SE, receives an A+ rating from A.M. Best (a leading insurance financial rating firm), and the company offers competitive individual trip and annual travel insurance products. It also serves over 45 million customers in the U.S. each year with 84% of those customers giving the company a 5-star rating.

  22. Allianz Global Assistance Reviews

    Glad We Purchased Travel Insurance. August, 2016 we purchased airline tickets for September and November, 2016 travel. Also bought Allianz insurance each time at a very reasonable cost. So glad we did! My husband and traveling partner suffered a stroke 3 days before the September travel. Followed online instructions for filing both claims.

  23. Travel insurance

    Allianz Care provides dummy International Health Insurance which covers the individual for multi-country day-to-day medical care as well as longer-term medical care for example chronic illness, hospital stays, out-patient treatment and much more. International health insurance is designed for people who: Are living abroad for a few months or years due to work, study or lifestyle.

  24. Allianz Leads with Clear, Innovative Travel Insurance!

    In a groundbreaking move, Allianz Partners Australia, a titan in the global insurance and assistance arena, has boldly redefined industry standards by securing an unparalleled accreditation for their travel insurance product, heralding a new era of transparency and simplicity in policy wording.

  25. Study: Cruising Dominates Travel Advisor Bookings

    Cruising reigns supreme when it comes to travel agent bookings, according to a new survey of 9,000 travel advisors released by Allianz Partners during CruiseWorld, a conference that took place this week in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. (Note: CruiseWorld is produced by Northstar Travel Group, the parent company of TravelAge West).. More than half of agents surveyed say the majority of their bookings ...

  26. NEXT Insurance enters partnerships with Allstate and Allianz X

    NEXT Insurance, a digital insurtech specialising in small businesses, has announced it has entered into strategic partnerships with US primary insurer Allstate, and Allianz X, an investor in digital frontrunners in ecosystems relevant to insurance and asset management. Partnership fuels a new $265 million equity raise from Allstate and Allianz ...

  27. NEXT Insurance Enters Partnerships with Allstate and Allianz X

    Allianz customers benefit from a broad range of personal and corporate insurance services, ranging from property, life and health insurance to assistance services to credit insurance and global ...

  28. Allstate, Allianz invest $265 million in Next Insurance

    A pedestrian walks by an Allstate Insurance office on June 09, 2023 in San Francisco, California. Allstate and Allianz are making a sizable bet on the digital transformation of the commercial ...

  29. NEXT Insurance raises $265m from Allstate and Allianz X

    Yet NEXT Insurance, a US-headquartered, Israeli-founded unicorn, just announced a $265 million strategic investment from Allstate Insurance and Allianz X. Founded in 2016, NEXT disrupted the insurance industry with digital insurance packages tailored to specific underserved categories of small businesses. Over half a million US small businesses ...